Footprint Justice
2024. Intervention, Campaign
This project proposes a utopian social movement centered on carbon tax justice for free public transportation. Employing subtle irony, it suggests that everyone should have access to public transportation for free while receiving payments for maintaining low carbon footprints. These compensation payments are funded by increased taxes on entities generating high levels of greenhouse emissions. The campaign is promoted through customized printed hangers, poster campaigns, and online videos, targeting commuters on buses, trams, metros, and trains. Its core objective is to advocate for carbon tax justice and fair policy reforms at the European level. Additionally, the project offers a carbon footprint calculator, utilizing an algorithm to determine the amount individuals should receive for their low carbon footprint when using public transportation. The project aims to stimulate engagement with citizens on the intricate ethics surrounding climate justice. It seeks to provoke discussions on individual responsibilities versus the political and economic responsibilities for climate change. These debates delve into the ethics of climate change and the emerging moral standards surrounding concepts like carbon footprint, sustainability, and greenwashing. By challenging cultural perceptions surrounding climate change and its communication, the project aims to propose innovative economic and policy ideas through art and activism. This project integrates studies by Paolo Cirio conducted for his series Climate Tribunal.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations
Climate Tribunal, lecture at Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris - France
Commission, Strasbourg University, Lethica, 2023, Strasbourg - France

Posters of the Footprint Justice Campaign

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