Texts on Climate Aesthetics, by Paolo Cirio. 2023
Press material
- Press kit of the artworks

Related shows

- Climate Mismatch, Venice, 2023
- Natural Sovereignty, Capri, 2021

Related artworks

- Climate Tribunal
- Climate Class Action
- Climate Evidence
- Climate Culpable
- Extinction Claims

Related texts
- Climate Aesthetics, artist's essay, 2023
- Climate Mismatch, artist's text, 2023
- Climate Class Action, artist's text, 2023
- Climate Tribunal, artist's text, 2021
- Natural Sovereignty, artist's text, 2021
- Extinction Claims, artist's text, 2021
- Regulatory Art, manifesto artist's text, 2019
- Climate Change Fighters, artist's text, 2010

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Recent news
- Exhibition Perfect Behaviors at the OGR Museum in Turin in Italy with Sociality
From March 29th

- Solo show Climate Mismatch at the Sale Docks in Venice with Climate Tribunal
From March 16th

- Exhibition The NewArt Collection Beep at the V2 in Rotterdam with Overexposed
From Feb 9th

- Exhibition with Persano Gallery booth of Bologna Art Fair with Extinction Claims
From Feb 3rd

- Exhibition Leap Into the Void at the GAMeC Museum in Bergamo with Global Direct
From Feb 2nd

- Workshop for the CityClimate at the Hamburg University with Climate Tribunal
From Nov 11th

- Exhibition with Persano Gallery at the Artissima Fair in Turin with Climate Tribunal
From Nov 4th

- Lecture for Sustainable Attitude Conference at Ca Foscari Uni with Climate Tribunal
From Oct 6th

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