Theoretical text Regulatory Art by Paolo Cirio. 2018
Critical art should account for the intentional and unintentional social consequences caused by technolibertarianism. In a time when institutions struggle to address and regulate technology, artists can creatively engage with regulations and governance as a form of Regulatory Art.

Technology is now a cultural field in which belief systems, politics, and ethics are central in determining the acceptance of any technological system. Platforms, artificial intelligence, big-data, and crypto are not the law, nor above it, and they should never be. Technology has become a political agent and its governance needs creative, critical, and dynamic propositions from artists.

Regulatory Art is the practice of addressing, engaging, and inquiring about regulations in the technocratic society we live in.

Regulatory Art projects:

- Theoretical text by the artist, 2019
- Project website:

- Theoretical text by the artist, 2018
- Interview on Fast Company, 2018

Right to Remove

- Text project final recap, Critique on Systems of Justice over the Internet, 2018
- Video artist's statement, 2018

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