Biography and CV
Key facts
2023. He launched the Climate Class Action to organize lawsuits for people impacted by climate disasters.

2021. He established a Climate Tribunal to accuse the major 100 fossil fuel firms with data, graphs, and documents.

2021. He aggregated data on 40,000 vulnerable species to claim financial reparation from fossil fuel firms.

2020. He profiled 4,000 French police officers with Facial Recognition to ban its use in all Europe.

2019. He appropriated over 100,000 art auctions records to subvert the art market secrecy and speculation.

2018. He appropriated over 20,000 records of patents of Internet technology to expose and regulate devices enabling social manipulation.

2016. He obfuscated over 10 million mug-shots and criminal records of individuals arrested in the U.S. to introduce a new Internet privacy policy.

2015. He appropriated photos of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials from social media and disseminated them onto public walls with HD Stencils.

2014. He stole 60,000 pay-per-view articles from financial newspapers and redistributed them with a paid-to-read schema. The largest publishing firm in the world took down the artwork.

2013. He exposed over 200,000 Cayman Islands companies by selling their identities in order to democratize tax evasion. Several global companies sent him legal threats.

2012. He appropriated data from Twitter and rated the political affiliation of 1 million Americans to raise awareness about voter profiling.

2012. He illegally affixed life-sized photos of people found on Google Street View on walls of several cities, generating worldwide press.

2011. He stole 1 million profiles from Facebook and republished them on a dating website. Global mainstream media covered related reactions and legal complaints.

2010. He distributed thousands of illicit VISA credit cards with counterfeited virtual money to introduce wealth redistribution by his monetary policy.

2010. He branded a firm that capitalizes on sea level rise in NYC and created characters who fight for climate change justice, triggering a 'fiction' that manifested itself in reality.

2009. He cloned the identity of a Russian spy, combining espionage and fabricated fictional personas for a 'fiction' scattered over social media.

2007. He created an online platform to debug the script of Security Theater, the PSYOPS program for antiterrorism measures in international airports.

2007. He spread thousands of misquotations through a mock website of quotes remixed constantly with different historic authors.

2006. He stole digital books from and redistributed them for free. The firm declined to comment to embarrassing inquiries from the press.

2005. He created a bot to defraud Google for buying its shares. In response, the firm sent a legal letter.

2004. He occupied streets with Flash Mobs and asked to dozens of artists to vandalize public spaces with artworks.

2002. He organized participatory DDoS attacks against NATO's official website, which produced a investigation by security agencies of U.S. and Canada.

2001. He created and edited a web portal with over 1000 articles about the NATO and Operation Enduring Freedom, becoming a main resource for international anti-militarism.
Paolo Cirio engages with social, economic, and cultural issues of contemporary society. His interventions and research-based artworks are presented as installations, lectures, artifacts, photos, videos, and public art, both offline and online.
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Cirio has exhibited in international museums and has won prestigious art awards. His artworks have been covered by hundreds of media outlets worldwide and he regularly gives public lectures and workshops at leading universities.
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Short Professional CV
Paolo Cirio has won a number of awards, including Golden Nica first prize at Ars Electronica in Linz, 2014; Transmediale second prize in Berlin, 2006; Eyebeam Fellowship, 2012; and NEA grant at ISCP in NYC, 2017; among others awards.

Cirio has had solo shows at FOAM, Amsterdam, 2024; Sale Docks Magazzini del Sale, Venice, 2023; Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, 2021; Saint James' Charterhouse, Capri, 2021; PAN Museum, Naples, 2020; Giorgio Persano Gallery, Turin, 2019; Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, 2019; International Kunstverein Luxembourg, 2016; NOME Gallery, Berlin, 2024, 2019, 2016, 2015; Bellegard Centre Culturel, Toulouse, France, 2015; Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013; Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013 and 2011.

Cirio’s artworks have been presented and exhibited in major art institutions including Wende Museum, Los Angeles, 2024; Fondazione Prada Venice, 2023; Warsaw Biennale, 2022; Villa Arson, Nice, 2022; Fundación MAPFRE, Barcelona, 2022; Fundación Colectania, Barcelona, 2021; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 2020; Göteborg Biennial, 2019; Gwangju Biennale, 2018; Strasbourg Biennale, 2018; MIT Museum, Boston, 2017; Tate Modern, London, 2017; C/O Berlin, 2017; Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, 2017; Münchner Stadtmuseum, 2017; Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art of Luxembourg, 2017; Haifa Museum of Art, 2017; International Kunstverein Luxemburg, 2016; ICP Museum, NYC, 2016; Artium Museum, Basque MCoCA, 2016; Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, 2016; China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, 2015; Somerset House, London, 2015; Utah MoCA, 2015; Vancouver Art Gallery, 2015; Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, 2015; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2014; The Photographers' Gallery, London, 2014; Open Society Foundation, NYC, 2014; TENT, Rotterdam, 2014; MoCA Sydney, 2013; ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2013; CCC Strozzina, Florence, 2013; MoCA Denver, 2013; MAK, Vienna, 2013; Architectural Association, London, 2013; Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, 2012; Seoul Museum of Art, 2012; National Fine Arts Museum, Taichung, 2012; Wywyższeni National Museum, Warsaw, 2012; AEC Museum, Linz, 2011; SMAK, Ghent, 2010; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, 2009; Courtauld Institute, London, 2009; MoCA Taipei, 2007; Sydney Biennal, 2007; and NTT ICC, Tokyo, 2006.

Cirio artworks have been featured in ArtForum, Frieze, The Art Newspaper, ArtNet, ARTnews, Mousse Magazine; and his projects are often covered by global media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Global Village, O Globo, ABC, Daily Mail, Toronto Standard, Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, ZEIT, Tagesspiegel, El Pais, Libération, Le Monde, Global Times, Apple Daily HK, among many others.

Cirio regularly teaches at international universities and art schools. In 2023, Paolo Cirio became Visiting Lecturer at Strasbourg University’s Lethica Institute for Ethics Studies in the Arts, and he taught at the Institute of Digital Science Austria in Linz as a fellow. In 2022, he became a Visiting Research Fellow at Ca’ Foscari University’s Digital and Public Humanities department in Venice. Since 2022, Cirio has been teaching at the NABA Academy in Milan for the Visual Arts department’s Master in Art & Ecology, and in 2021 he taught art production and curatorship at FMAV Scuola di Alta Formazione in Modena. In 2019, Cirio taught master students at Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Art in Lille.

Cirio lectured at leading universities and institutions including Columbia University, NYC, 2019; UC Berkeley, 2017; Tate Modern, London, 2017; NYU Law School, NYC, 2016; Hunter College, NYC, 2014; MoCA Sydney, 2013; Courtauld Institute, London, 2009. His theoretical texts have been featured in several accademic journals and publications. Furthermore, Cirio has curated seminars and exhibitions at Fridman Gallery, NYC, 2017; Eyebeam, NYC, 2013; and at the Kitchen, NYC, 2012.

Archive CV with details of Awards, Exhibitions, Bibliography, and Press Coverage

Awards & Grants
Commission, Next Level, Foam, 2024, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Residency, Kadist Collection, 2024, San Francisco - U.S.
Residency, Internet Archive, 2024, San Francisco - U.S.
Fellowship, IDSA Founding Lab, Ars Electronica, 2023, Linz - Austria
Commission, Strasbourg University, Lethica, 2023, Strasbourg - France
Commission, Residency, FloodNet, NYU Tandon, 2023, New York - U.S.
Award, Hamburg University, City Science Lab, 2022, Hamburg - Germany
Acquisition Artwork, Paris KADIST Collection, 2021, Paris - France
Commission, Whitney Museum of American Art, Artport, 2021, New York - U.S.
Award, Finalist for Mario Merz Prize IV, Fondazione Merz, 2021, Turin - Italy
Award, Finalist Mario Merz Prize IV, Fondazione Merz, 2021, Turin - Italy
Honorary Mention, AI & Life Art, Prix Ars Electronica, 2021, Linz - Austria
Honorary Mention, STARTS, Prix Ars Electronica, 2020, Linz - Austria
Commission, La Condition Publique, 2020, Roubaix - France
Commission, Le Fresnoy, Panorama, 2019, Tourcoing - France
Grant, Residency, Stochastic Labs, 2018, Berkeley CA - U.S.
Grant, Residency, ISCP & National Endowment for the Arts, 2017, New York - U.S.
Nomination, Net Based Award, HeK, 2016, Basel - Switzerland
Nomination, Golden Cube Award, Dokfest, 2015, Kassel - Germany
Grant, Residency, Institute for Electronic Arts, 2015, Alfred NY - U.S.
First Prize, Golden Nica, Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica, 2014, Linz - Austria
Grant, Residency, Quartier21 AiR, Museum Quarter, 2014, Vienna - Austria
Commission, Turbulence, 2014, New York - U.S.
Fellowship, Eyebeam, 2012, New York - U.S.
Nomination, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2012, Stuttgart - Germany
Nomination, New Technological Art Award, 2012, Ghent - Belgium
Award of Distinction, Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica, 2011, Linz - Austria
First Prize, Award Share Prize, 2011, Turin - Italy
Commission, Arnolfini Gallery, 2010, Bristol - UK
Nomination, 10th Cairo Prize, 2009, Milan - Italy
Grant, European Media Artists, Werkleitz Center, 2009, Halle-Salle - Germany
Second Prize, Transmediale Award, 2008, Berlin - Germany
First Prize, IBM Award, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2007, Stuttgart - Germany
Honorary Mention, Share Festival, 2007, Turin - Italy
Award, St. Gilgen International School, 2006, Graz - Austria
Commission, Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst, 2006, Oldenburg - Germany
Honorary Mention, ibizagrafica, 2006, Ibiza - Spain
Nomination, Transmediale Award, 2006, Berlin - Germany
Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica, net Vision, 2005, Linz - Austria
Nomination, VIPER Award, 2005, Basel - Switzerland
Commission, Rhizome, 2005, New York - U.S.

Evidentiary Realism, exhibition at Fridman Gallery + Nome Gallery, 2017, NYC - U.S.
Democracy within the Internet, panel at Left Forum, John Jay CUNY, 2014, NYC - U.S.
Performing Change, panels and lectures series at Eyebeam. 2013. NYC - U.S.
FIY: The Art of Creating Economic Models, panel at The Kitchen. 2012. NYC - U.S.
Illegal Art Show, happenings and public art exhibitions. 2004-2005. Turin & London - UK

Solo Exhibitions
AI Attacks, solo show at Foam Museum, 2024, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Kommando, solo show at NOME Gallery, 2024, Berlin - Germany
Images Rights, solo show at Paris Photo Fair, 2023, Paris - France
Climate Mismatch, solo show at Sale Docks Magazzini del Sale, 2023, Venice - Italy
Monitoring Control, solo show at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, 2021, Modena - Italy
Natural Sovereignty, solo show at Saint James' Charterhouse, 2021, Capri - Italy
Information Critique, solo show at PAN Museum, 2020, Naples - Italy
Images Rights, solo show at NOME Gallery, 2019, Berlin - Germany
Public and Private, solo show at Art Berlin Fair, 2019, Berlin - Germany
Systems of Systems, solo show at Giorgio Persano Gallery, 2019, Turin - Italy
Exposed, solo show at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 2019, Turin - Italy
Street Ghosts, solo show at International Kunstverein Luxembourg, 2016, Luxembourg
Private, solo show at NOME gallery at 208 Bowery, 2016, NYC - U.S.
Public and Private, solo show at NOME Gallery at 515 Shop, 2016, Turin - Italy
Overexposed, solo show at NOME Gallery and at Art Market Budapest, 2015, Berlin - Germany
After Transparency, solo show at Centre Culturel Bellegarde, 2015, Toulouse - France
Loophole for All, solo show at Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, 2014, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Jurisdiction Shopping, solo show at Kasa Gallery, 2013, Istanbul - Turkey
Decoding the Flow, online solo show at Museum of Contemporary Cuts, 2013, London - UK
REALITYFLOWHACKED, solo show at Aksioma, Project Space, 2011, Ljubljana - Slovenia

Selected Exhibitions & Presentations

Kommando, solo show at NOME Gallery, 2024, Berlin - Germany
AI Attacks, solo show at Foam Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Really, exhibition at Framer Framed, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Against AI, lecture at PublicSpaces, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Counter/Surveillance, exhibition at Wende Museum, Los Angeles - U.S.
Climate Tribunal, lecture at Internet Archive + Kadist, San Francisco - U.S.
Internet Freedom, lecture at University California SC, Santa Cruz - U.S.
Climate Tribunal, lecture at Climate Museum, New York - U.S.
Climate Tribunal, lecture at Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris - France
Footprint Justice, lecture at Strasbourg University, Strasbourg - France
Internet Photography, lecture at ECAL School, Lausanne - Switzerland
Crossover Project, lecture at ELISAVA School, Barcelona - Spain
Double Take, exhibition at A plus A Gallery, Venice - Italy
Exposed, exhibition at The Phair Art Fair, Turin - Italy
Artissima, exhibition at Persano Gallery, Turin - Italy

Paris Photo, solo show at NOME Gallery booth, Paris - France
OSINT Festival, talk roundtable at the Gaité Lyrique, Paris - France
Faces in the Crowd, keynote lecture at Panthéon-Assas University, Paris - France
Climate Aesthetics, residency at Strasbourg University, Lethica, Strasbourg - France
FloodNet Residency, commission at the Tandon NYU University, New York - U.S.
NYC Flooding Claims, lecture at the IDM & Media at NYU University, New York - U.S.
The NewArt Collection, exhibition at V2 Unstable Media, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Art & Network Cultures, lecture at Amsterdam University, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Who Owns the Economy, exhibition at Future of Work, Den Bosch - Netherlands
Who Owns the Truth, jury member for the Ars Electronica Awards, Linz - Austria
IDSA Fellowship, lectures & workshops, Ars Electronica, 2023, Linz - Austria
Unpublished, lecture at the Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia, Madrid - Spain
Everybody Talks About the Weather, exhibition at Fondazione Prada, Venice - Italy
Climate Mismatch, solo show at Sale Docks at Magazzini del Sale, Venice - Italy
EcoArts Nexus Philanthropy, lecture at European Cultural Center, Venice - Italy
A Leap into the Void, exhibition at the GAMEC Museum, Bergamo - Italy
Internet Art Actions, lecture at the John Cabot University, Rome - Italy
Sovra Esposti, exhibition at the Carcere Borbonico, Avellino - Italy
Perfect Behaviors, exhibition at OGR Museum, Turin - Italy
Viral Art, workshop at The Phair Art Fair, Turin - Italy
Artissima, exhibition at Persano Gallery, Turin - Italy
Arte Fiera, exhibition at Persano Gallery, Bologna - Italy

OK Computer, exhibition at Kendra Jayne Patrick Gallery, New York - U.S.
Artport, exhibition online at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York - U.S.
Private, exhibition at EXPO Chicago Art Fair with NOME Gallery, Chicago - U.S.
Information Ethics, lecture at Miller Center St. Norbert College, Wisconsin - U.S.
Unrestricted Society, exhibition at Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei - Taiwan
Voces que se hunden, exhibition at the CCS Tegucigalpa, Cedeño - Honduras
AI Ethiques et Esthetiques, workshop at École Lethica, Strasbourg - France
Climate Tribunal Testimony, lecture at La Générale, Paris - France
The Future Behind Us, exhibition at the Villa Arson, Nice - France
Revolution 52, exhibition at the L'Unique Caen, Marseille - France
Internet Freedom, keynote lecture at Edgeryders, Brussels - Belgium
Warsaw Biennale, exhibition at Warsaw Biennale, Warsaw - Poland
Everything Will Be Fine, exhibition at Tactical Tech, Berlin - Germany
City Climate, grant & workshop at CityScienceLab, Hamburg - Germany
Resonances, exhibition at the Fundación MAPFRE, Barcelona - Spain
Face Control, lecture at Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona - Spain
Comisariado Arte Digital, lecture at ESDI University, Barcelona - Spain
Tracce/Huellas, exhibition at Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid - Spain
Transmedia Activism, lecture at UC3M University, Madrid - Spain
Safe Mode, exhibition at The Project Gallery, Athens - Greece
Mario Merz Prize IV, exhibition at Fondazione Merz, Turin - Italy
Lab Montagna, exhibition at Museo della Montagna, Turin - Italy
Digital Art is Crime, lecture at Recontemporary, Turin - Italy
Artissima, exhibition at Giorgio Persano booth, Turin - Italy
Arte Fiera Bologna, exhibition at Persano booth, Bologna - Italy
Tecnocene, exhibition at DAMSLab University, Bologna - Italy
Graffiti Art in Prison, lecture at Orto Botanico, Palermo - Italy
My Purgatory, exhibition at GAD Giudecca Art District, Venice - Italy
Climate Camp, workshop at Venice Climate Camp for Sale Docks, Venice - Italy
Toward a Sustainable Attitude, lecture at Ca’ Dolfin for Ca’ Foscari University, Venice - Italy
Deprogramming Today’s Sociality, workshop for Ca’ Foscari Summer School, Venice - Italy

Face Control, exhibition at Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona - Spain
Private, exhibition at Arco Art Fair with NOME gallery, Madrid - Spain
AI & Life Art, exhibition and lectures at Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
Art Market, lecture at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York - U.S.
Tracked & Traced, exhibition at the MSU Broad Museum, East Lansing - U.S.
Obscurity & the RTBF, lecture at the Detroit Science Gallery, Detroit - U.S
Data Fiction, exhibition and lecture at the Cairotronica Festival, Cairo - Egypt
Expocollective18, exhibition at Saint-Ex culture numérique, Reims - France
Picture Authority, lecture at Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg - France
Convergence of AI Ethics, lecture at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - France
Bodily, exhibition at the La Condition Publique, Roubaix - France
Post-Human Photography, lecture at the ZHdK University, Zurich - Switzerland
Dutch Design Week, exhibition at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Reasonable Doubt, exhibition at V2 Unstable Media, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Monitoring Control, solo show at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, Modena - Italy
Natural Sovereignty, solo show at Saint James' Charterhouse, Capri - Italy
Blocks, exhibition at Real Albergo dei Poveri, Palermo - Italy
PhEST festival, exhibition at Palazzo Palmieri, Monopoli - Italy
You and AI, exhibition at the MakeFair festival, Rome - Italy
Art sales, lecture at IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin - Italy
Onlife, lecture at Ago Modena Fabbriche Culturali, Modena - Italy
Decode Lab, lecture at the Royal College of Art, London - UK
On Money, lecture at School of Machines, Berlin - Germany

Cybernetics of the Poor, exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna - Austria
Kepler’s Gardens, exhibition and lectures at Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
Creative Question Challenge, lecture at Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
Plan B, exhibition at NOME Gallery group show, Berlin - Germany
A lexicon, exhibition at NOME Gallery group show, Berlin - Germany
Die Digitale, exhibition at Die Digitale festival, Dusseldorf - Germany
Remote Chaos, lecture at Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin - Germany
We=Link: Sideways, exhibition at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai - China
Forecast, workshop at Institute of Contemporary Art Miami ICA, Miami - U.S.
Starts Prize, exhibition at Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR, Brussels - Belgium
Panorama 22, exhibition at Le Fresnoy, (Censored), Tourcoing - France
What a photo does, exhibition at Mufo Museum, Krakow - Poland
Artissima Unplugged, exhibition at GAM Museum, Turin - Italy
Information Critique, solo show at PAN Museum, Naples - Italy
Arte Fiera Bologna, exhibition at Persano booth, Bologna - Italy
Festival della Tecnologia, lecture at Politecnico, Turin - Italy
Strumento o Arma, lecture at Dialoghi Copernicani, Milan - Italy
Zukunftsfragen, lecture at Goethe Institut Rom, Rome - Italy
Window Cleaner, lecture at Royal College of Art RCA, London - UK
Complex Data, lecture at University Creative Arts UCA, Farnham - UK
Future Focus, lecture at FutureEverything, Manchester - UK

Part of the Labyrinth, exhibition and keynote at the 10th Göteborg Biennial, Gothenburg - Sweden
The Aesthetics of Information Ethics, lecture for Parse at Valand Academy, Gothenburg - Sweden
The Anxiety of Images, exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung - Taiwan
Meaning, exhibition at Cosmoscow contemporary art fair, Moscow - Russia
Not Fake News, exhibition at Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa - Israel
Private, solo show at NOME in Art Berlin Fair, Berlin - Germany
Images Rights, solo show at NOME Gallery, Berlin - Germany
Currency, exhibition at NOME Gallery, Berlin - Germany
Forecast Forum, lecture at RadialSystem, Berlin - Germany
Financial Art, lecture at School of Machines, Berlin - Germany
Obscurity, exhibition at Material Art Fair, Mexico City - Mexico
Tactical Media, lecture at Digital Culture Centre, Mexico City - Mexico
Data & Network Forensics, workshop at Mutek festival, Montreal - Canada
The Criminal Type, exhibition and lecture at ApexArt Gallery, NYC - U.S.
Don't trust me, I'm homeless, exhibition at Ed. Varie Gallery, NYC - U.S.
Sociality Coloring Book
, lecture at Printed Matter bookstore, NYC - U.S.
Politics of Visual Art
, workshop at CGT Columbia University, NYC - U.S.
Reclaiming the Future, exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco - U.S.
Tactical Tech, exhibition at The Glass Room, San Francisco - U.S.
Digital Dilemma, exhibition at Bureau Europa, Maastricht - Netherlands
Sociality, exhibition at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Faces, exhibition at Es Baluard Museum, Palma de Mallorca - Spain
Strange Temporalities, exhibition at Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
Please Leave This World, exhibition at Maëlle Galerie, Paris - France
The Negotiating Table, exhibition at Biennale Saint-Etienne - France
Regulatory Art, lecture at Strasbourg Biennale, Strasbourg - France
Extraordinaire, exhibition at Institut Pour la Photographie, Lille - France
Exposed, exhibition at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin - Italy
Systems of Systems, exhibition at Giorgio Persano Gallery, Turin - Italy
Meaning, exhibition at Persano booth Artissima Art Fair, Turin - Italy
Obscurity, exhibition at NOME booth Artissima Art Fair, Turin - Italy
Useless Objects, exhibition at Mirror Project di Barriera, Turin - Italy
Festival della Tecnologia, lecture at Politecnico di Torino, Turin - Italy
Cassata Drone, exhibition at Fondazione Sant’Elia, 2019, Palermo - Italy
DataMaze, exhibition at DOX Art Center, Prague - Czech Republic

Touch Me, exhibition at 1st Strasbourg Biennale, Strasbourg - France
Imagined Borders, exhibition at 12th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju - South Korea
Seen, exhibition at Wei-Ling Contemporary Gallery, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
APhF:18 Athens Photo Festival, exhibition at Benaki Museum, Athens - Greece
The Art of Financial Hacking
, workshop at Kaai Theater, Brussels - Belgium
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at BOZAR, Brussels - Belgium
Algorithmic Superstructures, exhibition at Impakt, Utrecht - Netherlands
, lecture at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Human Plus, exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome - Italy
Alternative CAMPO17, lecture at Spaziobuonasera, Turin - Italy
DataMaze, exhibition at DOX Art Center, Prague - Czech Republic
Politics of Visual Art, workshop at CGT Columbia University, NYC - U.S.
Mirror Mirror, exhibition at Robeson Galleries Rutgers University, Newark - U.S.
MIT Festival, exhibition at MIT, MediaLab Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston - U.S.
Regulatory Art, lecture at Harvard, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Boston - U.S.
Stochastic Labs, residency at Stochastic Labs Berkeley, San Francisco - U.S.
Decentralized Web Summit, exhibition at The Mint, San Francisco - U.S.
Radical Open Access, lecture at Coventry University, Coventry - UK
(H)AKT, exhibition at Ugly Duck, London - UK

WATCHED!, exhibition at C/O Berlin Museum, Berlin - Germany
Images of Surveillance, exhibition at Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich - Germany
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Museum für Fotografie, Berlin - Germany
Month of Photography, exhibition at Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art, Luxembourg
AnonymiX: the End of the Privacy Era, exhibition at Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa - Israel
Art Futures: Beyond Profit & Price, lecture at Tate Modern, London - UK
Aesthetics of Information Ethics, lecture at UC Berkeley, Berkeley - U.S.
Right to Re-, exhibition at UC Santa Cruz at DANM, Santa Cruz - U.S.
Nothing to Hide, exhibition and workshop at Real Art Ways, Hartford - U.S.
Socially Engaged Internet Art, lecture at Gallery 400 for UIC, Chicago - U.S.
Concrete Truth, exhibition at International Studio & Curatorial Program, NYC - U.S.
Evidentiary Realism, curatorship and lecture at Fridman Gallery, NYC - U.S.
SmartCities, lecture at Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC - U.S.
Obfuscation workshop, lecture at NYU School of Law, NYC - U.S.
Internet Performance Art, lecture at Manhattan College, NYC - U.S.
Design Touch, exhibition and lecture at Midtown Tokyo, Tokyo - Japan
Economia, lecture and workshop at Baltan Labs, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Art+Science, exhibition at Center for Promotion of Science, Belgrade - Serbia
Evidentiary Realism, curatorship and lecture at Nome Gallery, Berlin - Germany
FaceTunes, exhibition at Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld - Germany
Le Suaire de Turing, exhibition at the Festival Siana, Évry - France
Screening Economies, lecture at Kunsthaus, St.Gallen - Switzerland
How much of this is fiction, exhibition at HeK, Basel - Switzerland
Arte y Compromiso, lecture at Murcia University, Murcia - Spain
How much of this is fiction, exhibition at Fact, Liverpool - UK
MozFest, exhibition at Ravensbourne College, London - UK
As If, exhibition at Framer Framed, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Cultural Hijack, exhibition at ARCHIP, Prague - Czech Republic
Big Bang Data, exhibition at DOX, Prague - Czech Republic
Big Bang Data, exhibition at MIT Museum, Boston - U.S.

Public, Private, Secret, exhibition at International Center of Photography Museum, NYC - U.S.
Street Ghosts
, exhibition at International Kunstverein Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Your Mind into a Brezel, exhibition at Kunstverein Neuhausen, Stuttgart - Germany
Caméra(Auto)Contrôle, exhibition at Centre de la Photographie, Geneva - Switzerland
Skandal Normal, exhibition at OK Center for Conemporary Art, Linz - Austria
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Museum, Linz - Austria
Hybrids, exhibition at Onassis Cultural Center, Athens - Greece
Big Brother Award, exhibition at Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Data Aesthetics, exhibition at Central City Library, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Extra Fantôme, exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - France
Sight & Sound, exhibition at Eastern Bloc, Montreal - Canada
Be Water, exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall for Microwave festival - Hong Kong
The Peeled Eye, exhibition at Wave Pool for FotoFocus Biennial, Cincinnati - U.S.
Acts of Sedition, exhibition at White Box gallery, NYC - U.S.
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain, exhibition at White Box gallery, NYC - U.S.
Private, solo show at NOME gallery at 208 Bowery st., 2016, NYC - U.S.
Traffic Cam meets Art Basel, lecture at NYU for Art Law Society, NYC - U.S.
Debt Positive, exhibition and workshop at Flux Factory, NYC - U.S.
PC4Yonkers, exhibition at Purchase College, NY - U.S.
Overexposed, exhibition at London Art Fair, London - UK
MozFest, exhibition at Ravensbourne College, London - UK
Quadriennale, exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 2016, Rome - Italy
Public and Private, solo show at NOME for ContempraryTurin, Turin - Italy
P.I.G.S., exhibition at Artium Museum, Basque MCoCA, Vitoria-Gasteiz - Spain
P.I.G.S., exhibition at Galeria Municipal do Porto Almeida Garrett, Porto - Portugal
nEUROsis, exhibition at NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol - Cyprus
It's the Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition at DAAP Galleries, Cincinnati - U.S.
Big Bang Data, exhibition at Art Science Museum, Singapore - Singapore

Panopticon, exhibition at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City - U.S.
Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society, exhibition at Apexart gallery, NYC - U.S.
Little Sister, exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, NYC - U.S.
Meme City, exhibition at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou - China
ISEA 2015: Disruption, exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver - Canada
Poetics and Politics of Data, exhibition at House of Electronic Arts, Basel - Switzerland
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Open Society Archives, Budapest - Hungary
Brave New World, exhibition at DOX, Prague - Czech Republic
Big Bang Data,
exhibition at Sumerset House, London - UK
Big Bang Data
, exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid - Spain
Secret, exhibition at Science Gallery, Dublin - Ireland
TransitioMX, exhibition at Cenart, Mexico City - Mexico
Off Biennale Cairo - Something Else, exhibition, Cairo - Egypt
32nd Dokfest, exhibition at Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel - Germany
EMAF, exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrück - Germany
CityLeaks Urban Art Festival, exhibition, Cologne - Germany
Overexposed, solo Show at NOME contemporary art, Berlin - Germany
Overexposed, solo Show at Art Market Budapest, Budapest - Hungary
After Transparency, Solo Show at Centre Culturel Bellegard, Toulouse - France
Surveillance Awareness Bureau, exhibition at Modelab, Wellington - New Zealand
Mapping High Finance, workshop at the Royal Anthropological Institute, London - UK
MoneyLab, lecture at Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Surveilling Surveillers, lecture at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Responsability & Innovation in ICT R&D, lecture at iMAL, Brussels - Belgium
Video Dossier, screening at Media Art Futures, Murcia - Spain
Internet Performance Art, lecture at SVA College, NYC - U.S.
Internet Performance Art, lecture at ITP NYU Tisch, NYC - U.S.
Internet Performance Art, lecture at Manhattan College, NYC - U.S.
Snowed-In: Art & Surveillance, lecture at FIT College, NYC - U.S.
FutureEverything, lecture at Town Hall, Manchester - UK
Art Infoscape, lecture at WIRED Italia conference, Milan - Italy
Modes of Democracy, exhibition at Forte di Fortezza, Alto Adige - Italy

Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Open Society Foundations, NYC - U.S.
LDF Digital Design Festival, exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, London - UK
Face to Facebook, exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery, London - UK
Modes of Democracy, exhibition at DOX, Prague - Czech Republic
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Big Bang Data, exhibition at CCCB Museum, Barcelona - Spain
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria
C what it takes to change, exhibition at Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
An opera of labour and revolution, exhibition at Kasa Gallery, Istanbul - Turkey
It’s the Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition NeMe and Art History Lab, Limassol - Cyprus
Eternal September, exhibition at Škuc Gallery and Aksioma Institute, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Loophole for All, solo show at Aksioma | Project Space, Ljubljana - Slovenia Painters and Poets, exhibition at City Gallery, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Open Up, exhibition at the Dutch Center, London - UK
Making the City Playable, lecture at Watershed, Bristol - UK
Data as Culture, exhibition for ODI at FutureEverything and Lighthouse - UK
Photography, Expanded, lecture at Aperture Gallery for Magnum, NYC - U.S.
Information Asymmetry, lecture at Office for Creative Research, NYC - U.S.
Shaping Information Asymmetries, lecture at Hunter College, NYC - U.S.
Privacy and Photography, lecture at Penumbra Foundation, NYC - U.S.
In Search of Symmetry, keynote and exhibition at HDLU, Zagreb - Croatia
It's the Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition at Galerija Nova, Zagreb - Croatia
The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies, exhibition at DOX, Prague - Czech Republic
Afterglow, Transmediale, lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin - Germany
Beyond Photography, lecture at VII MasterClass Magnum Foundation, Milan - Italy
OLE .01 International Festival of Electronic Literature, lecture at PAM, Naples - Italy
Creative Activism in Climate Change, workshop for HIVE at the Queens Zoo, NYC - U.S.
Democracy within the Internet, panel for Left Forum at John Jay CUNY, NYC - U.S.

Public Private exhibition at Kellen Gallery of The New School, NYC - U.S.
Performing Change, curatorship lectures and panels at Eyebeam, NYC - U.S.
InfoSphere Performances, lecture at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, NYC - U.S.
Fast Connection Search, exhibition at the Internet Week NY, NYC - U.S
Leaders in Software and Art salon, lecture, NYC - U.S.
MediaCities festival, exhibition and lecture, Buffalo - U.S.
Not Exactly, exhibition at RedLine Gallery, Denver - U.S.
&NOW festival, lecture at University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder - U.S.
The Big Picture, exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art of Denver, Colorado - U.S.
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago - U.S.
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade - Serbia
Sound & Sight, exhibition and workshop at Eastern Bloc, Montreal - Canada
ISEA 2013, keynote lecture at Museum of Contemporary Art of Sydney - Australia
Trace Recordings exhibition at UTS Gallery, Sydney - Australia
Memebrain symposium, lecture and workshop, Byron Bay - Australia
Performing sculptures of information asymmetry, lecture at Queen Mary, London - UK
Decoding the Flow, online exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Cuts, London - UK
Cultural Hijack, exhibition at the Architectural Association, London - UK
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Hacking informational realities, lecture at University of Plymouth - UK
Run Computer, Run, exhibition at Rua Red Gallery, Dublin - Ireland
Jurisdiction Shopping, Solo Show at Kasa Gallery, Istanbul - Turkey
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Artists as Catalysts, exhibition at Alhóndiga, Bilbao - Spain
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TEA - Collective Wisdom, exhibition at National Fine arts Museum in Taichung - Taiwan
ArtFutura 2012, exhibition at Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
From the Pharaoh Lady Gaga, exhibition at Wywyzszeni National Museum, Warsaw - Poland
FIY: The Art of Creating Economic Models, curatorship for ISP Whitney Museum, NYC - U.S.
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria
Loving Art. Making Art, exhibition at Tel Aviv Art Festival, Tel Aviv - Israel
Showcase Fellows Artworks, exhibition at Eyebeam, NYC - U.S.
New Technological Art Award, exhibition at La Cambre arts visuels, Bruxelles - Belgium
AntiSocial Networking,exhibition at Artefact festival, Leuven - Belgium
Arts Numeriques, exhibition at Electrochoc Festival, Bourgoin - France
Sourcing the In-visible exhibition, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge - UK
25. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, exhibition, Stuttgart - Germany
Sculptural Performances of Information's Power, lecture, Linz - Austria
Tactical Transmedia Fiction, workshop at Universität für künstlerische, Linz - Austria
Unlike Us, presentation at Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam - Netherlands
Imagined Cinemas, lecture at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Abandon Normal Devices Festival, workshop, Manchester - UK
DATA, lecture at Science Gallery, Dublin - Ireland
Mal au Pixel, lecture at Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - France
ODNM, lecture at L'École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, Paris - France

Response:Ability, exhibition and lecture for Transmediale at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin - Germany
REALITYFLOWHACKED, Solo show at Aksioma | Project Space, Ljubljana - Slovenia
User Friendly Society, exhibition at Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica - Croatia
Origin, exhibition at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz - Austria
Networked, exhibition at Centro Fundación Telefónica, Lima - Peru
Abandon Normal Devices Festival, exhibition, Liverpool - UK
Visionary Trading Project, exhibition at Guest Projects, London - UK
, lecture, FACT, Liverpool - UK
Genesis Project, workshop for Culture Push, Brooklyn - U.S.
Utopian Currencies, exhibition and panel, Paris - France
Chilling Effects, exhibition, Enschede - Netherlands
Festival, exhibition and lecture, Utrecht - Netherlands
Psychoeconomy Summit, exhibition and lecture, Seville - Spain
Ultra Social, exhibition at UAMO festival, Munich - Germany
Share Festival, exhibition at Museo delle Scienze Naturali, Turin - Italy
XD 01. User Experience, exhibition at Spazio Concept, Milan - Italy
File Festival, exhibition, Sao Paulo - Brazil
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ISEA 2011 Conference, lecture, Istanbul - Turkey
EMAF 2011, lecture, Osnabrück - Germany
Beyond Surveillance, lecture, Portsmouth - UK
Mobile Learning Conference, lecture, Bremen - Germany
Share Conferences, lecture, Belgrade - Serbia
Unsound Festival, lecture, Krakow - Poland
WJ-Spots, lecture at iMAL, Brussels - Belgium
Mediamorfosi 2.0, lecture at Sud Lab, Naples - Italy

Rien de politique, exhibition at Komplot, Brussels - Belgium
Mediateca Expandida, exhibition at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gjion - Spain
IDEAS 10: Art and Digital Narrative, exhibition at Emily Carr University, Vancouver - Canada
FLEFF Map Digital Space, exhibition at Ithaca College, Ithaca - U.S.
Hacking Public Space, Flashback, screening at Microwave Festival, Hong Kong
Hacking Public Space, screening at S.M.A.K. and Vooruit, Ghent - Belgium
Electrified summercamp, lecture and exhibition at TimeLab, Ghent - Belgium
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Cease & Desist Art, exhibition at LPM Festival, Rome - Italy

Tag ties and affective spies
, exhibition at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens - Greece
SocialEast Seminar on Art and Espionage,
lecture at Courtauld Institute, London - UK
Moves09 Forum,
lecture at Corner House, Manchester - UK
4th TINA B, exhibition at Galerie Vernon, Prague - Czech Republic
10th Cairo Prize, exhibition at Palazzo della Permanente, Milan - Italy
Share Festival,
exhibition at Accademia Albertina, Turin - Italy
Da Festival, exhibition at National Academy of Art, Sofia - Bulgaria
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.move, exhibition for EMARE at Ieschönestadt, Halle - Germany
4th ENTER festival, exhibition at DOX, Prague - Czech Republic
FAD Festival, exhibition, Belo Horizonte - Brazil
lecture, Bari - Italy

Kournikova Deleted By Memeright Trusted System, exhibition at HMKV, Dortmund - Germany
Revolutions - Forms That Turn, online exhibition at Biennale of Sydney - Australia
The Enterprise of Art, exhibition at PAN Palazzo delle Arti, Naples - Italy
Economie 0, exhibition for Upgrade! and Incident, Paris - France
Territories and Resources, exhibition at CinemaCity, Novi Sad - Serbia
Transmediale, lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin - Germany
MIR Festival, exhibition at Akis Davis Theatre, Athens - Greece

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Zone V2, exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei - Taiwan
Amazon Noir Memos, lecture at Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg - Germany
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Free Radicals, exhibition at Israeli Center for digital Art, Holon - Israel
Plugin Festival, exhibition, Basel - Switzerland
STRP Festival, exhibition, Eindhoven - Netherlands
DEAF Festival, exhibition, Rotterdam - Netherlands
EMAF Festival, exhibition, Maribor - Slovenia
Pikesel Festival xxxxx, lecture, Bergen - Norway
Share Festival, exhibition at Palazzo Cavour, Turin - Italy
Track My Poem, workshop at NABA, Milan - Italy

Connected, exhibition at Art Center Nabi, Seul - Korea
Connecting Worlds, exhibition at NTT ICC Museum, Tokyo - Japan
Connecting Worlds, exhibition at Theatre Paris-Villette, Paris - France
Transmediale, exhibition and lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin - Germany
Derivatives, new art financial visions, exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid - Spain
Rhizome, online exhibition at New Museum, NYC - U.S.
D.I.Y. Do or Die, exhibition at IAO Gallery, Oklahoma - U.S.
, exhibition at California State University, Chico - U.S.
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Viper Festival, exhibition, Basel - Switzerland
No-Parachute, exhibition at ArtAndGallery, Milan - Italy
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CayCompass, newspaper, review, Cayman
Royal Gazette, newspaper, review, Bermuda

Canal Plus, national TV, interview, France
DW, online TV, interview, Germany
Huffington Post, online newspaper, interview, U.S.
O Globo, newspaper, interview, Brazil
The Atlantic, online magazine, interview, U.S.
Libération, newspaper, interview, France
Sky News, national TV, interview, Italy
NRC next, newspaper, interview, Netherlands
ROOMS, magazine, interview, UK
Origin, magazine, interview, U.S.
Rhizome, online magazine, interview, U.S.
Tick, magazine, interview, Switzerland
WEAVE, magazine, interview, Germany
Nachrichten, newspaper, interview, Austria
Ninja Marketing, online magazine, interview, Italy
Ganzo, online magazine, interview, Italy
Co.Design Fast Company, online magazine, review, U.S.
ART News, magazine, review, U.S.
Art Log, online magazine, review, U.S.
TIME, online magazine, review, U.S.
Daily Mail, newspaper, review, UK
Creative Review, online magazine, review, UK
Toronto Standard, newspaper, review, Canada
The Standard, newspaper, review, Hong Kong
24 Horas, newspaper, review, Mexico
BILD, newspaper, review, Germany
Hamburger Abendblatt, newspaper, review, Germany
Le Nouvel Observateur, magazine, review, France
Libération, newspaper, interview, review, France
L'independant, newspaper, review, France
20 Minutes, magazine, review, France
Sky News, TV, review, Italy
El Pais, newspaper, review, Spain
der Standard, newspaper, review, Austria
Nachrichten, newspaper, review, Austria
R TV, TV, review, Romania
R TVI 24, TV, review, Portugal

ART News, online magazine, interview, U.S.
BLOUIN ARTINFO, online magazine, interview, U.S.
CNN, online magazine, interview, U.S.
Dazed and Confused, online magazine, interview, UK
ROOMS, magazine, interview, UK
Taz.die Tageszeitung, newspaper, interview, Germany, online magazine, interview, U.S.
Springerin, magazine, interview, Austria
Tagesschau, national TV 1, interview, Germany
Zapp NDR, regional TV, interview, Germany
Česká Televize, national TV 1, interview, Czech Republic
RTV SLO, national TV, interview, Slovenia
Canal Plus, national TV, interview, France
Ha'Aretz, newspaper, interview, Israel
Vogue Italia, online magazine, interview, Italy
Artline, online magazine, interview, Germany
Digicult, online magazine, interview, Italy
NIN, magazine, interview, Serbia
Politika, newspaper, interview, Serbia
CNN, national TV, review, U.S.
MSNBC, national  TV, review, U.S.
WSBTV, regional TV, review, U.S.
Fox News, regional TV, review, U.S.
NBC Bay, regional TV, review, U.S.
Apple daily HK, national TV, review, China
ZDF, regional TV, review, Germany
NRK, regional TV, review, Norway
RTBF, regional TV, review, Belgium
France24, national TV, review, France
CBC, national TV, review, Canada
SAMAA, national TV, review, Pakistan
Skai, national TV, review, Greece
Independent, newspaper, review, UK
Taz.die Tageszeitung, newspaper, review, Germany
Spiegel, newspaper, review, Germany
Süddeutsche Zeitung, newspaper, review, Germany
Libération, newspaper, review, France
derStandard, newspaper, review, Austria
The Sun, newspaper, review, UK
Daily Mail, newspaper, review, UK
San Francisco Chronicle, regional newspaper, review, U.S.
USA Today, newspaper, review, U.S.
Taipei Times, newspaper, review, Taipei
The Globe and Mail, newspaper, review, UK
The Sydney Morning Herald, newspaper, review, Australia
The New Age, newspaper, review, Australia
20 minuten, newspaper, review, Switzerland
Time, magazine, review, U.S.
Huffington Post, online magazine, review, U.S.
DAT, online magazine, review, UK
CeaseFire, online magazine, review, UK
Art Critiqued, online magazine, review, UK
Select, online magazine, review, Spain

Neural, magazine, cover and interview, Italy
Springerin, magazine, review, Austria
Writing Machines, online magazine, review, U.S.
CoolHunting, online magazine, review, UK
Random, online magazine, review, Italy

AdBuster, magazine, interview, Canada
Springerin, magazine, interview, Austria
Velvet, magazine, interview, Athens
Il Sole 24 Ore, newspaper, interview, Italy
Arte, online magazine, review, Italy
Libération, newspaper, review, France
Wired, online magazine, review, U.S.
Calist, online magazine, review, Israel
Telepolis, online magazine, review, Spain
ArgNet, online magazine, review, U.S.

Radio eins RBB, radio, interview, Germany
Artè TV, national TV, interview, France
HTV, national TV, interview, Croatia
Tagr.Tv, online TV, interview, Austria
Voices of Resistance, magazine, interview, UK
Il Sole 24 Ore, newspaper, review, Italy
Frankfurter Allemagne, newspaper, review, Germany
ExtrArt, online magazine, review, Italy
TATE. Etc, online magazine, review, UK
UndoNet, online magazine, review, Italy
E-Flux, online magazine, review, U.S.
Art Fact, online magazine, review, U.S.

XL Repubblica, magazine, review, Italy
Blick, newspaper, review, Switzerland
Swissinfo, newspaper, review, Switzerland
OE24, newspaper, review, Switzerland
Tages Anzeiger, newspaper, review, Switzerland
Der Standard, newspaper, review, Austria
ORF, newspaper, review, Austria
Springerin, newspaper, review, Austria
El Pais, newspaper, review, Spain

Furtherfield, online magazine, interview, UK
NTT ICC, magazine, interview, Tokyo
Springerin, magazine, interview, Austria
DE:BUG, magazine, interview, Germany
Digicult, online magazine, interview, Italy
Die Zeit, newspaper, review, Germany
Libération, newspaper, review, France
Spiegel, newspaper, review, Germany
Süddeutsche Zeitung, newspaper, review, Germany
The Guardian, newspaper, review, UK
L'Unità, newspaper, review, Italy
MAzine, online magazine, review, UK
Artforum, online magazine, review, U.S.
Arte-Tv, online magazine, review, France
Flash Art, online magazine, review, Italy
Heise, online magazine, review, Germany
Neural, online magazine, review, Italy

Tecknemedia, online magazine, interview, Italy
Cosmopolitan, online magazine, interview, Italy
New York Art, online magazine, review, U.S.
El Pais, newspaper, review, Spain
Exibart, online magazine, review, Italy
Libération, newspaper, review, Francia
Village Voice, regional newspaper, review, U.S.

Radio Flash, regional radio, interview, Italy
Il Punto, regional newspaper, interview, Italy
Belorusskaya Gazeta, newspaper, interview, Belarus
La Stampa, newspaper, review, Italy
Drumnbass, online magazine, review, Italy
Undo Net, online magazine, review, Italy
Exibart, online magazine, review, Italy
Basebog, online magazine, review, Italy

Flash Art, online magazine, review, Italy
Libération, newspaper, review, France

Il sole 24 Ore, newspaper, review, Italy
Boiler, online magazine, review, Italy
Spiegel, magazine, review, Germany
Libération, newspaper, review, France
Wired, online magazine, review, U.S.
Flash Art, online magazine, review, Italy
Espresso, magazine, review, Italy
La Stampa, newspaper, review, Italy
Clarin, online magazine, review, Spain
CNN De, online magazine, review, Germany
Prague News, online magazine, review, U.S.
NetSecurity, online magazine, review, Japan
Daily Brief Number DOB02-071, review, Canada
IDEFENSE Verisign, review, U.S.

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