Climate Culpable
2021. 24 flags, prints on fabric and oil, 140x100 cm each.
Related works from the
- Climate Tribunal series.

Related shows

- Climate Mismatch, Venice, 2023
- Lab Montagna, Turin, 2022
- Natural Sovereignty, Capri, 2021

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This work consists of 24 fabric flags featuring the logos of the 24 major fossil fuel firms responsible for over 50% of total global emissions. Cirio blacked the flags with motor oil, creating an installation that invites audiences to reflect on the grim principles these companies have adopted. These fossil fuel firms are mostly unknown to the general public, as they operate in secrecy without any legal responsibility and often in countries with authoritarian governments.

Titles of the artworks in the series:
China Coal Energy, Aramco, Gazprom, National Iranian Oil, ExxonMobil, Coal India, Pemex, Suek, Shell, CNPC, BP, Chevron, PDV, Abu Dhabi National Oil, Weglokoks, Peabody, Sonatrach, Kuwait Petroleum, Total, BHP, ConocoPhillips, Petrobras, Lukoil, Rio Tinto.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
Certosa di Capri; Museo della Montagna Torino; Fondazione Prada Venice.

Selected shows and presentations history
Everybody Talks About the Weather, Fondazione Prada Venice, 2023, Venice - Italy
Climate Mismatch, solo show at Sale Docks Magazzini del Sale, 2023, Venice - Italy
Lab Montagna, exhibition at Museo della Montagna, 2022, Turin - Italy
Natural Sovereignty, solo show at Saint James' Charterhouse, 2021, Capri - Italy

Photos of the Climate Culpable artworks series at the Saint James' Charterhouse of Capri in 2021

Photos of the Climate Culpable artworks series at the Museo della Montagna of Turin in 2022

Photos of the Climate Culpable artworks series at the Fondazione Prada Venice in 2023

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