Workshop on Guerrilla Communication.
Terms such as Semiotization, Virality, Participation, Contagion, Buzz, etc. are familiar in politics and marketing. They arose out of pioneering practices and analyses of a networked and mediatized society. They are now our reality.

This workshop will analyze some of the most recent and radical theories of media communication. A final practical section will allow students to realize enhanced unconventional communication and explore innovative techniques.

Knowledge of the history of attempts to control perceptions of social reality, and a well-developed interest in manipulating information are both relevant skills for developing communication using appropriate tools and methodologies.

The aim of the workshop is to create warriors and devices of media-seduction, experts of effective campaigns and alternative reality makers. The students will become familiar with the weapons of radical biz; shock marketing, agit-prop strategies, pandemic viral campaigns, psychological manipulations, and fabricated hate and desires.

The practical section will lead students to realize enhanced unconventional campaigns through exploring innovative techniques. The course would be useful for anyone who wants to improve their ability to influence people for specific purposes through developing smart, strategic languages designed for particular media tools.

The below list of theories is indicative of the content of the workshop, and each one will be combined with successful practical examples of political, commercial and artistic guerrilla communication solutions.

The Power of Desire
S. Duncombe

Tactical Reality Dictionary
K. Becker

Semiological Guerrilla Warfare
U. Eco

Semantic tools
R. Barthes

Aberrant Decoding
P. Fabbri, U. Eco

The Conquest of Cool
T. Frank

Social Overload
H. Jeudy

Guerrilla Marketing
J. Conrad, P. Hanley, C. Locke

Cluetrain Manifesto
C. Locke, D. Weinberger

Cult Products
M. Ferraresi

Information Bomb
P. Virilio

Semiotization, Infosphere
F. Berardi

Simulacra and Simulation
J. Baudrillard

Unleashing the Collective
B. Holmes

Media Corporatism and
N.Chomsky, R.Debray,
I. Ramonet

R. Dawkins

Convergence Culture
H. Jenkins
The Language of Change.
P. Watzlawick

G. Debord

Theatre of the Oppressed
A. Boal

Culture Jamming and Pranks
L. Blisset, a.f.r.i.k.a.
Gruppe, Americans Pranks,
A. Abel, K. Goffman

Confusion Incorporated
S. Home

Global Media
P. Steven

Language and Responsability
N. Chomsky

Guerrilla Marketing
J.C.Levinson, P.R.J. Hanley

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