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Street Ghosts
2012 - 2017. Inkjet prints, dimensions variable.

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Press material
- 2nd Press Release on 16th Sept. 2013
- 1st Press Release on 20th Sept. 2012

- Map and Photo Albums of all the ghosts
- Press pics of compositions in high-res
- Press pics of street art posters in high-res
- Press videos in high-res

- Interview on VICE Motherboad, 2013
- Interview on Libération (en) (fr), 2012

- Artist's statement and theoretical text
- Text "Anti-Social Sculptures"

Selected press coverage
- Mashable, online news, U.S., 2012
- Canal Plus, French TV, interview, 2012
- DW TV, interview, Germany, 2012
- SWR-Fernsehen TV, Germany, 2013
- BTV, interview, Spain, 2013
- The Influencers, video doc, Spain, 2013
- ART News, interview, 2014, U.S.
- O Globo, interview, 2012, Brazil
- BILD, review, 2012, Germany
- NRC next, interview, 2012, Netherlands
- Libération, interview, 2012, France
- Le Nouvel Observateur, 2012, France
- Business Punk, review, 2012, Germany
- ION magazine, review 2012, Canada
Online main-stram:
- The Atlantic & Atlantic Cities - U.S.
- Huffington Post U.S. & UK & IT
- Daily Mail 2013, 2012 - UK
- iTVNetwork - UK
- VICE - U.S.
- Toronto Standard - Canada
- Russia Today - Russia
- Kompass - Indonesia
- Infobae - Argentina
- O Globo - Brazil
- 24 Horas - Mexico
- El Observador - Mexico
- Global Times - China
- Sing Pao - Hong Kong
- The Standard - Hong Kong
- BILD - Germany
- Hamburger Abendblatt - Germany
- der Standard - Austria
- NRC NL - Netherlands
- Diena - Lithuania
- R TV - Romania
- R TVI 24 - Portugal
- Libération - France
- Ecrans - France
- L'independant - France
- 20 Minutes - France
- 20 Minutos - Spain
- El Pais - Spain
- Sky News - Italy
- Il Corriere della Sera - Italy
- TIME Lightbox - U.S.
- Peta Pixel - U.S.
- PhotoBlog - Hong Kong
- Architizer - U.S.
- Here Is The City - U.S.
- Spacing Vancuver - Canada
- The Polis - U.S.
Design and Art:
- Creative Review - UK
- Co.Design Fast Company - U.S.
- ARTINFO - Australia
- Beutiful Decay - U.S.

In this artwork, photos of people found on Google Street View were posted at the same physical locations from where they were taken. Life-size posters were printed in color, cut along the outlines, and then affixed to the walls of public buildings at the precise spot where they appear in Google Street View. This project revealed aesthetic, biopolitical, economic, and legal issues concerning privacy, copyright, and visual perception, which can be explored through the artist's theoretical considerations. The artwork re-contextualized ready-made informational material, and reenacted a social conflict: ghostly human bodies appear as casualties of the info-war in the city, a transitory record of collateral damage from the battle between corporations, governments, civilians, and algorithms over public and private information.

Selected pictures of the outdoor public space insterventions
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Denver, Buffalo, Hartford, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Montreal, London, Lincoln, Berlin, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Namur, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Budapest, Turin, Haifa, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Sydney.
Selected pictures of the indoor galleries installations
Open Society Foundation, NYC; Apexart gallery, NYC; Cenart, Mexico City; Alhóndiga, Bilbao;
Nome Gallery, NYC; City Hall, Hong Kong; Museum für Fotografie, Berlin.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations
AnonymiX: the End of the Privacy Era, exhibition at Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa - Israel
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Museum für Fotografie, Berlin - Germany
Nothing to Hide, exhibition and workshop at Real Art Ways, Hartford CT - U.S.
Street Ghosts, exhibition at International Kunstverein Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Be Water, exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall for Microwave festival, Hong Kong
The Peeled Eye, exhibition at Wave Pool gallery for FotoFocus Biennial, Cincinnati - U.S.
Private, solo show at NOME gallery at 208 Bowery, NYC - U.S.
Public and Private, solo show at NOME for ContempraryTurin, Turin - Italy
Extra Fantôme, exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris - France
TransitioMX, exhibition at CENART, Mexico City - Mexico
Surveilling Surveillers, workshop at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society, exhibition at Apexart gallery, NYC - U.S.
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Open Society Archives, Budapest - Hungary
After Transparency, Solo Show at Centre Culturel Bellegard, Toulouse - France
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria
Watching You, Watching Me, exhibition at Open Society Foundations, NYC - U.S.
Eternal September, exhibition for Aksioma Institute at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Beyond Photography, lecture at VII MasterClass, Milan - Italy
Photography, Expanded, lecture at Aperture Gallery for Magnum Foundation, NYC - U.S.
BORROWORROB, Currencies as Spaces, exhibition at HDLU, Zagrab - Croatia
Trace Recordings, exhibition at UTS Gallery, Sydney - Australia
IDFA DocLab, exhibition and lacture, Amsterdam - Netherlands
KIKK festival, exhibition and lecture, Namur - Belgium
ISEA 2013, exhibition, Sydney - Australia
The Influencers festival, exhibition, Barcellona - Spain
Lincoln Digital Culture Festival, exhibition, Lincoln - UK
Artists as Catalysts, exhibition at Alhóndiga, Bilbao - Spain
Eastern Bloc festival, exhibition, Montreal - Canada
MediaCities festival, exhibition, Buffalo - U.S.
Drones / Birds: Princes of Ubiquity at The Digital now, exhibition, Brussels - Belgium
The Big Picture, exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art of Denver, Colorado - U.S.
Public Private, exhibition at Kellen Gallery of The New School, New York - U.S.
ShowCase 2013, exhibition at Eyebeam, New York - U.S.
26. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, exhibition, Stuttgart - Germany

Selected bibliography
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“Berliner Type und Corporate Design Preis Jahrbücher 2012”, TELLUS GMBH, Berlin 2013, ISBN 9783942071147
ETC Magazine, Canada, ISBN: 978-2-924114-02-5

Selected pictures of galleries installations

Selected pictures on the streets of London, NYC, and Berlin

Ebor Street, London - Link Street View from 2008

80 East Houston Street, New York - Link Street View from 2011

12 Cheshire Street, London - Link Street View from 2012

214 Lafayette Street, New York - Link Street View from 2009

Dircksenstraße / Rochstraße, Berlin - Link Street View from 2008

Slideshow of all the pictures published:

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