2018. Digital prints.

This artwork assembled over twenty thousand patents to expose socially harmful information technology. Compositions with images of flowcharts and titles of inventions reveal devices enabling discrimination, polarization, addiction, deception, and surveillance. The artist collected and rated inventions submitted to patent offices and he invites participants to share, flag, and ban systems for monitoring and manipulating social behaviors. In the exhibition, the public confronts large-scale compositions with images of flowcharts that abstractly invoke the complexity and magnitude of uncanny plans to program people. The conceptual artwork is presented through an interactive website, an installation with hundreds of prints, and the drawing of an algorithm created by the artist to encapsulate the components of perilous information technology.

Selected shows and presentations history
Touch Me, exhibition at 1st Strasbourg Biennale, 2018, Strasbourg - France
MIT Festival, exhibition at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018, Boston - U.S.
Regulatory Art, lecture at Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, 2018, Boston - U.S.
Reclaiming the Future, exhibition and lecture at SFAI San Francisco Art Institute, 2018, San Francisco - U.S.

Installation of the Sociality artwork at Strasbourg Biennale

Installation of the Sociality artwork at MIT in Boston

Interventions with the Sociality artwork at MIT and Harvard universities

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