2024. Four video channels, artifacts, military uniforms.
In the project Resurrect, Artificial Intelligence is used to appropriate the legacy of dead war figures, and by doing so, it repurposes history and infiltrates living cultural models. This project, as identity theft, tests AI’s new freedom of speech challenges and the ethics of resurrecting dead individuals. The four AI-cloned mercenaries from the Congo Crisis in the 1960s are still glorified in online communities, the media, and the military, despite their involvement in overthrowing democracy, massacres, and the assassination of a Secretary-General of the United Nations. The mercenaries resurrected are a French fascist, a German nazi, a Belgian colonizer, and a Brit working for South Africa’s Apartheid, respectively Bob Denard, Siegfried Müller, Jean Schramme, and Mike Hoare. Using archive photos and videos of the mercenaries, as well as their writing and biography, Cirio authored their new lives as resurrected soldiers. He used deep-fake technology to animate them, and Chat GPT to make them reflect on their lives and actions. The art installation reassembles physically the mercenaries by featuring their skulls, military insignia, and uniforms from the epoch. Four monitors mounted on tripods act as talking heads for each mercenary.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations history
AI Attacks, solo show at Foam Museum, 2024, Amsterdam - Netherlands

Installation of the artwork

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