Anti-NATO Day - Participatory Cyber Attacks -
2001-2006. Online project.

This project unfolded around an anti-NATO militarism web portal that was founded in August 2001 and ran until late 2006. The website gained international popularity over the years by covering news about NATO's expansion into Eastern Europe, its military bases, and its operations in the aftermath of 9/11. It published over nine hundreds news items, with articles in more than five languages. Beyond the distribution of free information about military misconduct and the economic gains of war profiteers, the website fostered international protests and riots against the military organization. The website primarily designed Internet sit-ins to interfere with NATO's website and its summits through participatory DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attacks). The artist organized over five of these cyber-attacks, publicizing them internationally and providing accessible tools for participation. On the occasion of a key meeting of NATO leaders at an air force base near Rome in May 2002, he organized the Anti-NATO Day, during which activists could flood NATO's website through a Flash script coded and distributed by the artist. Even though the action did not disrupt the target, the threat and the technology developed for the project led to an investigation by the Department of Defense of Canada and U.S. through IDefense Verisign intelligence operations. Furthermore, the action was covered by international media outlets in Japan and Belarus and was studied by The Eisenhower Institute in the U.S.

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