Loophole for All
2013. Two video channels and digital prints US letter size.

» Website: Loophole4All.com

Press material
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- 3rd Press Release, 5th April 2013
- 2nd Press Release, 10th March 2013
- 1st Press Release, 15th February 2013

- Text project final recap, 2014
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- Interview on The Great Offshore, France, 2021
- Interview on Wild Magazine, U.S., 2014
- Interview for Prix Ars, Austria, 2014
- Interview on Libération, France, 2014
- Interview on Verge, U.S. 2013

- Pics of the Installations in High-Res
- Pics of stacks of Caymans certificates
- Selected Caymans certificates HD-jpg
- Diagram of the operations in pdf

- Watch introductory video
- Watch excerpts experts interviews
- Watch the interview with the artist

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This artwork unveiled over 200,000 Cayman Islands companies to unsettle global financial machinations. In Loophole for All, Cirio hacked the Cayman Islands government registry to leak names of thousands of firms incorporated in the country. Undermining the idea of having a company "on paper" in financial offshore centers, the website Loophole4All.com promoted the low-cost sale of real identities of anonymous Cayman companies in an ironic effort to democratize offshore businesses. This corporate identity theft was enabled by forging Certificates of Incorporation issued with the artist's real name and signature. This performance generated international media attention as well as outcry from Cayman Islands' authorities, international banking and law firms, individual owners of real companies, and PayPal. As part of the conceptual work, Cirio set up his own company in the City of London and took advantage of other jurisdictions to shield personal liability and revenues. Furthermore, the artist interviewed experts and produced a video documentary investigating offshore centers and envisioning solutions to global economic inequality. This intervention foreshadowed financial data breaches such as The Panama and Paradise Papers, which in the following years reshaped global politics. This interventionist and controversial artwork revolved around the concept of Cirio’s legal scheme for the appropriation and exposure of financial secrecy. The provocative action and participatory model were integrated to engage the audience in a performance revealing and protesting the legal tax systems behind economic inequality. In the offline art installation, the paper trail of the operation is displayed with prints of the counterfeited Certificates of Incorporation and the documents of the legal ploy utilized for the project which is illustrated by a single flowchart.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
CCC Strozzina, Florence; Aksioma, Ljubljana; MAK, Vienna; ZKM, Karlsruhe; HeK, Basel;
OKZentrum Ars Electronica, Linz; TENT, Rotterdam, Kunstverein, Kassel.

Video playlist

First Prize, Golden Nica, Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica, 2014, Linz - Austria
Nomination, Net Based Award, HeK, 2016, Basel - Switzerland
Nomination, Golden Cube Award, Dokfest, 2015, Kassel - Germany

Selected shows and presentations
Hybrids, exhibition at Onassis Cultural Center, 2016, Athens - Greece
Your Mind into a Brezel
, exhibition at Kunstverein Neuhausen, 2016, Stuttgart - Germany
It's the Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition at DAAP Reed Gallery, 2016, Cincinnati - U.S.
32nd Kassel Documentary festival, exhibition at Kasseler Kunstverein, 2015, Kassel - Germany
Poetics and Politics of Data, exhibition at House of Electronic Arts, 2015, Basel - Switzerland
Secret, exhibition at Science Gallery, 2015, Dublin - Ireland
EMAF, exhibition at Kunsthalle Osnabrück, 2015, Osnabrück - Germany
After Transparency, Solo Show at Centre Culturel Bellegard, 2015, Toulouse - France
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition at DAAP Galleries, 2015, Cincinnati - U.S.
C what it takes to change, exhibition and lecture at Ars Electronica, 2014, Linz - Austria
The Value of Nothing, exhibition at TENT, 2014, Rotterdam - Netherlands
Loophole for All, solo show at Aksioma | Project Space. 2014. Ljubljana - Slovenia
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, exhibition at Galerija Nova, 2014, Zagreb - Croatia
Global aCtIVISm, exhibition at ZKM, 2013, Karlsruhe - Germany
Unstable Territories, at Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, 2013, Florence, Italy
Out of The Box, exhibition at MAK, Museum for Applied Arts, 2013, Vienna - Austria
Jurisdiction Shopping, solo show exhibition at Kasa Gallery, 2013, Istanbul - Turkey
Decoding the Flow, online exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Cuts, 2013, London - UK
Symposium Technologies Social Innovationat, Echegaray Theatret, 2013, Malaga - Spain
Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention at Architectural Association, 2013, London - UK
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, Center Cultural Decontamination, 2013, Belgrade - Serbia
It's The Political Economy, Stupid, Gallery 400, UIC, 2013, Chicago - U.S.

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Installation at Poetics and Politics of Data, exhibition at House of Electronic Arts, Basel - Switzerland. 2015

Installation at Unstable Territories, at Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, Florence, Italy. 2013

CyberArts, exhibition at Ars Electronica, OK Zentrum, Linz - Austria. 2014

Installation at Loophole for All, Paolo Cirio's solo show at Aksioma | Project Space. Ljubljana - Slovenia. 2014

Installation at Kasseler Kunstverein for 32nd Kassel Documentary festival, Kassel - Germany. 2015

A few thousand Caymans companies on paper

Certificate of incorporation of Paolo Cirio Ltd. in the City of London, UK

Letter of notification of frozen PayPal account from Luxemburg

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