2019. Inkjet prints on canvas.

This series is composed of over a hundred thousand images and records of artworks appropriated from auctions to turn them into further financial derivatives. The photos of the artworks sold for the highest price at auction are printed on canvas with their prices overlaying the images. The final works composed by Cirio are then sold as derivatives for a fraction of the value set at the auctions. A "future" financial derivative contract is integrated in the work and signed by the buyers and the artist Cirio at the sale of the artworks. As a form of institutional critique, Derivatives reflects on the speculative value of images in the representation of art as a financial instrument. The aesthetics of art is often judged by the inflated prices, as such, in this work the images are seen through their financial qualities rather than their visual features and artistic merits. In addition, the appropriated art auction records are taken to comment on the unregulated secondary art market. Cirio researched the instruments in place that manipulate prices of artworks at art auctions, which eventually generate inequality within the art world, as well as improper use of wealth and art itself. By selling derivative works for a small fraction of the original price, the financialization of the art market is democratized and the value of the artworks is distributed to everyday investors, in doing so the project aims to subvert the art market with its own logic.

Selected shows and presentations history
Images Rights, solo show at NOME gallery, 2019, Berlin - Germany

Selected pictures of the Derivatives artworks

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