Climate History
2024. Prints in B/W on paper.

This work consists of 96 historical events forming a timeline that illustrates the political and economic history of climate change. These historical pieces of evidence trace the role of the fossil fuels industry’s economic and political influence that contributed to global warming from 1912 to 2012. The artwork is presented with a grid of 96 paper sheets that assemble the timeline, showing the often overlooked magnitude of this history. Paolo Cirio compiled this timeline through years of research by comparing various articles and publications. To keep this history updated, Cirio shared the timeline as an open database, allowing researchers, historians, activists, lawyers, and journalists to use and contribute to it.

Selected shows and presentations history
Really, exhibition at Framer Framed, 2024, Amsterdam - Netherlands

Photos of the Climate History artwork:

Photos of the Climate History installation at Framer Framed, photos by Maarten Nauw:

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