Text "Social Algorithm Art". 2011 - 2014.
The act of processing, wiring, and steering information is pure raw power. It is about the creation of social reality. Social Algorithm Art sketches, sculpts, and performs the information flow, therefore it programs reality.

The artist outlines the algorithm, which molds information structures, and executes information processing. The diagrams of Social Algorithms are blueprints for social software launched into the operation system of our society. They illustrate, design, and imagine the circuited tasks of the applications that run the frameworks of social orders.

Social Algorithms want to bring about progress. They propose creative social systems through a set of instructions to be followed step by step. They are propositions of how to create social progress akin to algorithms for efficiency, speed, and impact of their outcomes.

Social Algorithm Art takes the form of drawings, sculptures, and performances. These media become active agents. Since the algorithms of the artworks have agendas, they are able to influence social reality or they can be potentials to be explored conceptually.

The drawings of Social Algorithms visualize templates for activating, revealing, and challenging social structures through intervening in the flow of power dynamics. Anyone can re-create and re-enact these social forms and interventions by following the flowcharts of the Social Algorithms drawn by the artist.

The performances of Social Algorithms confront their public with creative scripts, actions, and configurations for participation. Performances activate social forms directly by altering public's engagement, beliefs, and perception. The audience is involved according to the scores of the artist's algorithms that orchestrate the flow of social interactions.

The sculptures of Social Algorithms cast information for giving other forms and meanings to power structures. The construction of society is built by compositions, arrangements, and formations of knowledge. Social forms take shape by the Social Algorithms purposefully assembling information according to the artist's models.

Social Algorithm Art reflects on the power of algorithms as main materials and agents in the creation, control, and perception of cultural, political, and economic realities. Social Algorithm Art aims to examine, inspire, and affect society as a whole through the making of creative algorithms.

Reality should be re-processed, re-programmed, and re-organized, as society always needs improved algorithms. In so, Social Algorithm Art propels the aesthetics of the making and unmaking of social systems.

By Paolo Cirio.

- View and Download the diagrams of Social Algorithm Art on Dropbox folder

- Online Text "Diagrams and Algorithms" on the Finance and Society Journal, UK, 2016
- Download the PDF of the publication in high resolution.

- Online Publication with selected Social Algorithm Art artworks, Germany, 2016
- Download the PDF of the publication in high resolution.

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