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Text "Social Algorithm Art". 2011 - 2014.
Processing information is pure raw power. It is about the creation of the reality. Social Algorithm Art sculpts and performs the information flow, therefore it programs reality.

Social Algorithms shape information for the making of new social structures and systems. The artist draws the algorithm that molds information, thus the artist's concept is the ultimate creation of social reality.

Social Algorithms want to bring about progress. They propose new realities through a set of instructions to be followed step by step. They are propositions of how to create social evolution by simply following the flowcharts of the diagrams.

The diagrams of Social Algorithms visualize instructions for activating social dynamics through manipulating the present flow of reality. Anyone can re-create these social sculptures by simply following the artist's flowcharts of Social Algorithms.

Social Algorithms activate art performances, confronting their public with new social dynamics, experiments and forms of participation. The performances enabled by Social Algorithms can impact the social forms directly or they can remain potentials to be explored conceptually.

Social Algorithm Art takes on the form of active drawings, productive sculptures, and functional performances. Finally, classic artistic practices such as drawing, sculpting and performing are able to effectively influence social realities.

The diagrams of Social Algorithms are blueprints for social software, which when launched into the operation system of our society, they start to interact with the tasks of the applications that organize the construction of the social reality in order to improve it.

Reality should be always re-processed and re-organized, as society always needs improved algorithms.

By Paolo Cirio.

- View and Download the diagrams of Social Algorithm Art on Dropbox folder

- Online Text "Diagrams and Algorithms" on the Finance and Society Journal, UK, 2016
- Download the PDF of the publication in high resolution.

- Online Publication with selected Social Algorithm Art artworks, Germany, 2016
- Download the PDF of the publication in high resolution.

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