Text "STOPtheNATO.org" project. Press releases.
In Italian from Aug. 2001. In English Nov. 2001. Update Apr. 2004

We are delighted to introduce a new independent space in order to continue and intensify the fight against NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) - the armed arm of the world's masters.

Against all hypocritical justifications of the war and the expansionist politics of speculative capitalistic countries, a radical critique and media reprisal is needed: an attack on the lies and silence that hide the continuous crimes of the NATO.

Its aim is to denounce, document, research, propose, and allow discussions and confronts. We will not forget the people in Iraq, the Depleted Uranium, the wars in the Balkans, the Star Wars, the blood and the infinite tangles of the intelligence agencies and all crimes, including the current war in Afghanistan. This considers that on the internet even if we found some interesting websites about this topic, often they are on single subjects or without having connections to others of the same cause: the NATO. We want, therefore, to unite and catalogue all documents, to maintain an up-to-date main news sections, always allowing searches and fast and clear consultation, with the indexing of a database with all the information collected.

All visitors of STOP the NATO website can contribute by inserting articles, forums, links, comments, messages, or simply by consulting the pre-chosen content. This is a capacious container of anti-NATO culture, in which everyone can have and can deposit texts, images, video and audio. Everybody has the possibility to record, search, and discuss the policy undertaken by NATO. It's an effort to create a free place, where there isn't censorship. Where circulation of knowledge can be possible without to undergo the official mass media, which are often lying and deceptive. All content is free from COPYRIGHT and hence knowledge is freely available for any use.

It's an instrument for everybody in order to organize, promote and organize actions against NATO. The multi-language support allows the user to share in an international node, which is able to collect flows of information from various sources, archiving and indexing the material by geographic area. It can be a center of documentation and arguments for activists in several countries.


15 / 05 / 2004

STOPtheNATO.org was created in the August of 2001, after the meeting of anti G8 in Genoa, where a small group of Italians had the intuition that the world would get more militarized. They made a free place on internet in order to document the crimes from the NATO states, and in order to resist the lies of occidental media on the wars they perpetuate. The project doesn't want a political definition. It is not communist, anarchist or other - it is a free space where anyone can post news, dossiers, denunciations and debates against wars and military systems.

Many people from all over the world have contributed to this project and we now have collaborators from several countries and languages, and almost nine hundred documents that demonstrate the arrogance and the crimes against humanity which have been perpetuated by NATO.

Now the website is the main point of reference for the fight against NATO. When leaders of NATO have a conference and with its anti-summit, STOPtheNATO.org becomes one of the main tools for sharing information on dissenting point of views. The main issue of STOPtheNATO.org is collecting alternative information on the internet on NATO. Now, the website is always in the top list of results on Google and other search engines.

Often the information documented comes from main press agencies and newspapers. This policy also exists in order to spread documents under copyright, because information about war must be free and not for sale. Even if the content not directly against war, it becomes re-contextualized by the container, and it could be read in an autonomously way. Everyone is invited to realize what is the new NATO.

Another form of protest is the Netstrike that is a virtual sit-in, where a great number of people connect on the same day at the same hour to an institutional website of NATO, and so in cause of a great number of requests the website remain blocked and it is not reachable to any. This form of protest is not violent and it's not vandalism (the website attacked remains down only for few minutes), it is only a symbolic act.

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