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- Text "Sociality" essay and "Regulatory Art" statement. 2018.
Information Policy, Governance, Art Forms.

- Text "Systems of Justice over the Internet". 2018.
Cultural Norms, Privacy, Free Speech.

- Text "The Aesthetics of Information Ethics". 2017.
Art Theory, Art Forms.

- Text "Evidentiary Realism". 2017.
Art Theory, Art Forms, Art History.

- Text "Internet Photography". 2016.
Photography, Manifesto, Art Forms.

- Text "Artist's Statement". 2016.
Media Performances, Art Interventions, Art Forms.

- Text "Obscurity" essay. 2016.
Privacy, Information Policy, Participatory Art.

- Text "Overexposed" essay. 2015.
Transparency, Surveillance, Appropriation Art.

- Text "Daily Paywall" essay. 2014.
Information Economy, Democracy, Art Performance.

- Text "Blueprints for a Global Participatory Society". 2014.
Democracy, Global Governance, Art Forms.

- Text "(W)orld Currency" recap. 2014.
Finance, Democracy, Global Governance, Art Forms.

- Text "Art Commodities" recap. 2014.
Art Economy, Art Forms.

- Text "Loophole for All" recap. 2014.
Finance, Media interventions, Online Performances. Art Forms.

- Text "Your Fingerprints on the Artworks are the Artwork Itself". 2014.
Privacy, Surveillance, Hacktivism Art.

- Text "Direct Democracy within the Internet". 2014.
Democracy, Global Governance, Art Forms.

- Text "Artist's Statement". 2014.
Media Performances, Art Interventions, Art Forms.

- Text "Performing Change". Curating panel series at Eyebeam NYC. 2013.
Media Performances, Art Interventions, Transmedia, Art Economy, Art Forms.

- Text slides "Art Performances of Information's Power". 2013.
Conceptual Art, Hacking Art, Art Forms.

- Text "No one should pay taxes as before". 2013.
Offshore, Geopolitics, Global Governance, Art Forms.

- Text "White Video Visitation Torture". 2013.
Prisons, Privacy, Surveillance.

- Text "Anti-Social Sculptures". 2012.
Performances, Art Transgression, Public Art, Art Forms.

- Text "Persecuting US". 2012.
Political Propaganda, Participation, Privacy, Social Sorting.

- Text "Street Ghosts". 2012.
Digital Archives, Privacy, Photography, Biopolitics, Public Art.

- Text "Artist's Statement". 2012.
Media Performances, Art Interventions, Art Forms.

- Text "Social Algorithm Art". 2011.
Social Realities, Constructivism, Social Software, Diagrams, Art Forms.

- Text lecture "Gift Finance". 2011.
Critical Finance, P2P, Economic Crises, Money, Utopia.

- Text "Transparent Cities". 2011.
Privacy, Transparency, Democracy.

- Manifesto "Future Climate Change Fighters". 2010. (en) (es)
Agitprop, Fictional Movements, Global Warming.

- Manifesto "Global Conscience". 2010.
Agitprop, Post-ideologies, Fictional Movements, Utopia.

- Text artwork "This Art". 2010.
Art market. Value, production and authorship in Art.

- Text "Artist's Statement". 2010.
Media Performances, Art Interventions, Art Forms.

- Paper "Recombinant Fiction" Theory. 2008-2010.
Genre Manifesto, Transmedia, Tactical Fiction and Media.

- Text lecture "Manufacturing Consent". 2008. (en) (it) 
Social Control, Semio-Capitalism.

- Text "Amazon Noir diary". 2007.
Copyright, Media performan, Hacktivism Art.

- Text "The Death of the Author 2.0". 2006.
Authorship, Copyright, Prosumers, Art.

- Text "Google Will Eat Itself agitprop call". 2006. (it)
Agitprop, Google Monopoly, Hacktivism Art.

- Call "Illegal Art Show", London. 2005.
Agitprop, Reclaiming Public Space, Spontaneous Street Art.

- Manifesto "Illegal Art Show". 2004. (it)
Agitprop, Public Space, Art Forms.

- Call "Netstrike against military conference". 2004.
Agitprop, Militarism, Hacktivism Art.

- Paper "Media analysis on Desert Storm the first war in Iraq". 2003. (it)
Research, Info-War, Militarism.

- Call "Anti NATO DAY". 2002.
Agitprop, Militarism, Hacktivism Art.

- Manifesto "Stop the NATO" website. 2001.
Agitprop, Militarism, Hacktivism Art.

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