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- Interview on Gazeta (Poland) about Obscurity and Loophole for All. 2016
Privacy, Obfuscation, Democracy, Finace.

- Interview on Recto/Verso (Italy) about Obscurity and Right to Remove. 2016
Privacy, Law, Obfuscation, Activism.

- Interview on Furtherfield (UK) about Obscurity and Right to Remove. 2016
Privacy, Law, Obfuscation, Photography, Participatory Art.

- Interview on GOOD (U.S.) about Obscurity and Right to Remove. 2016
Obfuscation, Privacy, Big Data, Algorithms.

- Interview on POSTmatter (UK) about Overexposed and Street Ghosts. 2015
Surveillance, Privacy, Transparency, Street Art, Art Forms.

- Interview on M-Est about Overexposed and Global Direct. 2015
Surveillance, Privacy, Democracy, Art Forms.

- Interview on Afterimage (U.S.) about Global Direct and Daily Paywall. 2015
Social Algorithms and Structures, Art Forms, Political Philosophy.

- Interview on VICE Motherboard (U.S.) about Daily Paywall. 2014
Media Performance, Open Access, Sharing Economy, Piracy.

- Interview on Libération (France) about Loophole for All. 2014 (fr)
Online performance, Activism, Global Economy.

- Interview on Prix Ars (Austria) about Loophole for All. 2014
Interactive Art, Inequality, Finance.

- Interview on VVVT (Germany) about World Currency. 2014
Algorithms Art, Inequality, Finance.

- Interview on Washington Post (U.S.) about Google Will Eat Itself. 2014
Information Economy, Monopoly, Business Models Art, Art Performance.

- Interview on Wild Magazine & Do Easy Art (U.S.) about Loophole for All. 2014
Art Forms, Economic Inequality, Art Market, Offshore Finance.

- Interview on The Verge (U.S.) about Loophole for All and others artworks. 2013
Media Performances, Finance, Offshore, Information power.

- Interview on Libération (France) about Street Ghosts. 2012 (en) (fr)
Digital Archives, Privacy, Photography, Biopolitics, Public Art.

- Interview on Origin magazine (U.S.) about P2P Gift Credit Cards - Gift Finance. 2012
Monetary Policy, Critical Finance, Gift Economy, Virtual Money Credit and Debt.

- Interview on Rhizome (U.S.) about Artist's Profile and Works. 2012.
Media Live Performances, Plagiarism, Finance, Algorithm Logic.

- Interview on Weave (Germany) about Drowning NYC and Recombinant Fiction. 2012. (en) (de)
Tactical Transmedia Fiction, Infiltration of Reality, Political Theater.

- Interview on Tink (Switzerland) about Hacking Monopolism Trilogy. 2012. (en) (de)
Net Art, Monopolism, Information's Power.

- Interview on Dazed and Confused magazine (UK) about Artist's profile. 2011.
Sculptures of Information's Power, Hacker Art, Democracy.

- Interview on Rooms magazine (UK) about Artist's profile. 2011.
Sculping Reality, Media strategies, Hacking Monopolism Trilogy.

- Interview on Artinfo online (U.S.) about Face to Facebook. 2011.
Social Media, Facebook, Hacking Monopolism Trilogy, Political Data.

- Interview on Digicult Magazine (Italy) about Face to Facebook, P2P Gift Credit Cards. 2011. (en) (it)
Tactics, Data Sculptures, Parody, Finance, Economy, P2P, Social Art.

- Interview on Artline Magazine (Switzerland) about Face to Facebook. 2011. (en) (de)
Sculptures of data, Facebook, Privacy, Biometric, Political Data.

- Interview on CNN online (U.S.) about Face to Facebook. 2011.
Social Media, Facebook, Hacking Monopolism Trilogy, Political Data.

- Interview for NIN (Serbia) about Face to Facebook. 2011. (en) (sr)
Hackers, Facebook, Online Activism.

- Interview for Taz.die Tageszeitung (Germany) about Face to Facebook. 2011. (en) (de)
Privacy, Facebook, Geopolitic, Social Control.

- Interview for Springerin (Austria) about Face to Facebook. 2011. (de)
Privacy, Data Sculpture, Geopolitic, Media Performance.

- Interview on Neural (Italy) about Open Society Structures and People Quote People. 2010.
Social Algorithms, Diagramming Utopia, Authorship, Collective Intelligence.

- Interview on Web Literature book (Italy) about The Big Plot. 2010. (en) (it)
Recombinant Fiction, Neo-Realism, Fiction through Social Media, Mediated Identity.

- Interview on "Until the End of Cinema" book (Italy) about Recombinant Fiction. 2010. (it)
Web-Cinema, Storytelling, Screens, Participation.

- Interview on Springerin magazine (Austria) about The Big Plot. 2009. (en) (de)
Electronic Literature, Social Media, Identity, Participative Post Movie.

- Interview on Velvet magazine (Greece) about The Big Plot. 2009. (en) (gr)
Recombinant Fiction, Transmedia Storytelling, Political use of Social Media.

- Interview on AdBuster magazine (Canada) about Google and GWEI. 2009.
Privacy, Advertising, Web-Pullution, Monopoly of Meaning.

-Interview on VORL magazine (UK) about Check Check. 2007.
Hyperreality, Airports Security Hysteria, PsyOps, Privacy, Surveillance.

- Interview on CONT3XT/Furtherfield magazine (UK) about Amazon Noir. 2006.
Hacking Monopolism, Copyright, P2P, Copyleft, Gift Economy.

- Interview on Digicult online (Italy) about GWEI. 2006. (en) (it)
Hacking Monopolism, Consensus Making, Click Economy.

- Interview on BelGazeta newspaper (Belarus) about NATO. 2004.
Militarism and new role of NATO.

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