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Exhibition online at The Photographers' Gallery

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Highlighted Exhibitions

Obscurity, Overexposed, Street Ghost at the Private, Paolo Cirio's Solo show at NOME gallery in NYC. August 2016.
Overexposed at the Exhibition at International Center of Photography Museum in NYC - U.S. for Public, Private, Secret. July 2016.
Loophole for All at the Exhibition at House of Electronic Arts in Basel - Switzerland for Poetics and Politics of Data. June 2015.
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- Curating at Fridman Gallery in New York City SoHo with Evidentiary Realism from Feb. 28th
- Exhibition at Haifa Museum of Art in Israel for AnonymiX with Street Ghosts from Feb. 18th
- Exhibition & lecture at C/O Museum in Berlin for Watched! with Overexposed from Feb. 17th

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