Paolo Cirio - Artist
Recent Events and Exhibitions
- Exhibition for the group show Panorama 22 at Le Fresnoy in Lille with Capture from Oct 15th
- Exhibition for Starts Prize at Centre Fine Arts BOZAR in Brussels with Sociality from Sept 25th
- Exhibition and lectures for the festival of Ars Electronica in Linz with Sociality from Sept 9th
- Solo exhibition at Museum PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli with Information Critique from July 4th
- Exhibition at the group show A Lexicon at NOME Gallery in Berlin with Sociality from June 12th
- Award of Honorary Mention Starts Prize 2020 at Ars Electronica with Sociality from June 8th
- Mentorship at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami with Evidentiary Realism from Feb 10th
- Exhibition at Arte Fiera Bologna with the Giorgio Persano Gallery with Meaning from Jan 24th
- Lecture at Parse conference in Goteborg with Aesthetics of Information Ethics from Nov 15th
- Exhibition Please Leave This World at the Maelle Gallery in Paris with Obscurity from Nov 14th
- Exhibition at The Glass Room in San Francisco by the Tactical Tech with Sociality from Oct 16th
- Exhibition at the Institut Pour la Photographie in Lille in France with Street Ghosts from Oct 12th
- Solo exhibition Images Rights at NOME Gallery Berlin with Internet Photography from Sept. 13th
- Solo booth exhibition at Berlin Art Fair, NOME Gallery with Internet Photography from Sept. 12th
- Exhibition at Gothenburg International Biennial Contemporary Art with Sociality from Sept. 7th
Highlighted Recent Press Coverage
Highlighted Exhibitions
Loophole For All - Poetics and Politics of Data, exhibition at House of Electronic Arts, Basel - Switzerland
Loophole for All at the House of Electronic Arts in Basel for Poetics and Politics of Data. June 2015.
Highlighted Publications
Images RIghts.

Exhibition catalog, 2019.
About the project Images Rights

Artist Monograph, 2019.
About the project Systems of Systems
Evidentiary Realism.

Collection of essays , 2017.
About the project Evidentiary Realism

Artist book, 2019.
About the project Foundations
Sociality, the Coloring Book.

Artist book, 2018.
About the project Sociality

Exhibition catalog, 2015.
About the project Overexposed

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