Paolo Cirio - Artist
Recent Events and Exhibitions
- Exhibition at the Framer Framed art space in Amsterdam with Climate Tribunal from June 23th
- Lectures at the Public Spaces Conference in Amsterdam with Information Ethics from June 7th
- Solo show at the Foam Museum of photography in Amsterdam with AI Attacks from May 31st
- Artist talk for the NaturArchy show at iMAL in Brussels with Climate Tribunal from May 24th
- Presentation at the gallery Memoire de l'Avenir in Paris with Climate Tribunal from April 27th
- Presentation at the Palais Universitaire in Strasbourg with Footprint Justice from April 25th
- Exhibition at the A / Plus Gallery in Venice for La Biennale with Persecuting US from April 15th
- Lecture at the Climate Museum in SoHo in New York City with Climate Tribunal from April 2nd
- Lecture at the Internet Archive + Kadist in San Francisco with Climate Tribunal from March 16th
- Lecture at the ELISAVA School in Barcelona in Spain with Information Ethics from March 8th
- Lecture at the ECAL School in Lausanne in Switzerland with Internet Photography from Feb 1st
- Residency for Lethica Institute at Strasbourg University with Climate Aesthetics from Dec 17th
- Talk for the OSINT Festival at the Gaite Lyrique in Paris with Information Ethics from Dec 14th
- Keynote Art Surveils at Universite Paris Pantheon-Assas with Information Ethics from Dec 8th
- Exhibition with NOME Gallery at Paris Photo fair in Paris with Internet Photography from Nov 9th
- Exhibition with Persano Gallery at Artissima in Turin with Alps Glaciers Memorial from Nov 2nd
- Talk at Philanthropy EcoArts Nexus for Philea in Venice with Climate Aesthetics from Oct 20th
- Keynote on Hacktivism at John Cabot University in Rome with Information Ethics from Oct 19th
Highlighted Recent Press Coverage
Highlighted Exhibitions
 Capture, installation at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France, 2020
Capture at the Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, France . October 2020.
Highlighted Publications
Monitoring Control.

Collection of essays, 2022.
About the project Monitoring Control

Artist Monograph, 2019.
About the project Systems of Systems
Images RIghts.

Exhibition catalog, 2019.
About the project Images Rights

Artist book, 2019.
About the project Foundations
Sociality, the Coloring Book.

Artist book, 2018.
About the project Sociality
Evidentiary Realism.

Collection of essays , 2017.
About the project Evidentiary Realism

Highlighted Videos

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