Paolo Cirio - Artist
Recent Events and Exhibitions
- Exhibition The Future Behind Us at Villa Arson in Nice in France with Street Ghosts from June 11th
- Exhibition at Fondazione Merz for Mario Merz Prize in Turin with Extinction Claims from June 9th
- Exhibition at the second Warszawa Biennale in Warsaw in Poland with Sociality from June 3rd
- Exhibition at KBr Museum of Fundacion MAPFRE in Barcelona with Street Ghosts from May 26th
- Exhibition at Kendra Jayne Patrick Gallery in New York and Basel with Capture from March 4th
- Exhibition online for Artport at the Whitney Museum in New York with Obscurity from Feb 26th
- Lecture & workshop at UC3M Uni in Madrid with Aesthetics of Information Ethics from Feb 25th
- Exhibition for Face Control at Foundation Foto Colectania in Barcelona with Capture from Dec 3rd
- Exhibition for Reasonable Doubt at V2 Unstable Media in Rotterdam with Capture from Nov 25th
- Solo show Monitoring Control at FMAV Museum Modena with Monitoring Control from Nov 19th
- Exhibition for Dutch Design Week at Baltan Laboratories with Extinction Claims from Oct 15th
- Solo show Natural Sovereignty at Certosa Museum in Capri with Climate Tribunal from Oct 9th
- Exhibition and lectures for AI & Life Art at Ars Electronica in Linz with Capture from Sept 12th
- Exhibition at the MSU Museum & Detroit Science Gallery with Street Ghosts from Sept 10th
- Solo show at Arco Art Fair Madrid with NOME Gallery in Spain with Private from July 7th
- Award as Honorary Mention AI Prize at Ars Electronica in Linz with Capture from June 15th
Highlighted Recent Press Coverage
Highlighted Exhibitions
 Capture, installation at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France, 2020
Capture at the Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, France . October 2020.
Highlighted Publications
Images RIghts.

Exhibition catalog, 2019.
About the project Images Rights

Artist Monograph, 2019.
About the project Systems of Systems
Evidentiary Realism.

Collection of essays , 2017.
About the project Evidentiary Realism

Artist book, 2019.
About the project Foundations
Sociality, the Coloring Book.

Artist book, 2018.
About the project Sociality

Exhibition catalog, 2015.
About the project Overexposed

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