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Open Society Structures - Algorithms Triptych
2009. Serigraph print on two layers of plexiglas, bolts. 54x39cm each

The artwork is presented as a triptych of diagrams that includes a taxonomy of cultural, economic, and political concepts in order to outline the flow of principles for an ideal society. This conceptual framework explored the formation of social structures to bring together egalitarian values, collaborative perspectives, and edifying propositions. These diagrams introduced the idea of organizing society like designing algorithms for operation systems and software.

Selected pictures of the installations
Galerija Galženica, Zagreb, 2011; Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2011
Cairo Prize, Milan, 2009; Limited edition copies, 2009; Animation S[Edition], Online, 2013
Press material
- Press Release, 15th July 2009
- Download PDF files of the diagrams

- Interview for Rhizome portal. 2012
- Interview for Neural magazine. 2010
- Text "Social Algorithms". 2011

On sale

- Limited edition of five copies
- Digital Animation on S[Edition]

Selected pictures of the installation of the Open Society Structures triptych

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