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Overexposed - HD Stencils
2015 - Acrylic spray paint on paper, canvas and photo paper.
Press material
- Press Release, May 6th 2015

- Press Kit, high-res pics & all PDFs
- Full catalog artworks and texts in PDF
- All pictures browsable on Flickr

- Details artworks on NOME gallery

- Research on the Overexposed officials
- Theoretical essay by Paolo Cirio
- "Anti-Social Sculptures" artworks

- Critical text by Nato Thompson

- Critical text by Bruce Sterling

Overexposed officials profiles
Keith Alexander (NSA), John Brennan (CIA), Michael Hayden (NSA), Michael Rogers (NSA), James Comey (FBI), James Clapper (NSA), David Petraus (CIA), Caitlin Hayden (NSC), and Avril Haines (CIA).

Pictures of the public interventions
New York City, London, Berlin, Paris.

Selected press coverage
- Hyperallergic, interview, U.S.
- Observer, interview, U.S.
- VICE Motherboard, interview, U.S.
- VICE The Creators Project, review, U.S.
- WIRED, interview, U.S.
- Post Matter, interview, UK
- Sleek magazine, interview, UK
- We Make Money Not Art, interview, UK
- M-Est, interview, Germany
- Reuters, lead photos article, U.S.
- Berlin Art Link, review, Germany
- Russia Today, intervew, Russia
- ZEIT, English video interview, Germany
- RT, English video interview, Russia
- Arte TV, video interview (german), (French)
- SAT3, video interview, Germany
- Tagesspiegel, video interview, Germany
German mainstram
- Frankfurter Allgemeine, online, interview
- Süddeutsche Zeitung, online, interview
- Die Tageszeitung, online, interview
- Wired DE magazine, online, interview
- Motherboard DE, online, interview
- Telepolis, online, review
- Handelsblatt Online, online, review
- Berliner Morgenpost, online, review
- Mittelbayerische, online, review
- Die Welt, online, review
- Sudwest Presse, online, review
- Nordwest Zeitung, online review
- Focus magazine, online, review
- Deutschland Radio Kultur, Interview
- SWR2 Radio, interview
- SWR Info, interview

This artwork is composed of a series of nine unauthorized photos of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials; the photos are rendered with the HD Stencils technique and disseminated onto public walls throughout major global cities. The photos were found via social media and were taken in informal and private contexts: from selfies to other intimate situations. The artwork satirizes the era of ubiquitous surveillance and overly-mediated political personas by exposing the main officials accountable for secretive mass surveillance and over-classified intelligence programs. New modes of circulation, appropriation, contextualization, and technical reproduction of images are integrated into this artwork.

Selected pictures of the outdoor public space insterventions
Manhattan, New York City; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Paris, France.
Selected pictures of the indoor galleries installations
NOME gallery, Berlin; CityLeaks, Cologne; Art Market, Budapest; Pratt Manhattan Gallery, NYC;
International Center of Photography Museum, NYC; Centre de la Photographie, Geneva.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations
WATCHED!, exhibition at C/O Berlin Museum, 2017, Berlin - Germany
Surveillance, exhibition at Münchner Stadtmuseum Museum, 2017, Munich - Germany
Public, Private, Secret, exhibition at International Center of Photography Museum, 2016, NYC - U.S.
Caméra(Auto)Contrôle, exhibition at Centre de la Photographie, 2016, Geneva - Switzerland
Private, solo show at NOME gallery at 208 Bowery, 2016, NYC - U.S.
Data Aesthetics, exhibition at Central City Library, 2016, Amsterdam - Netherland
Quadriennale, exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 2016, Rome - Italy
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain, exhibition at White Box gallery, 2016, NYC - U.S.
Overexposed, exhibition at London Art Fair, 2016, London - UK
Little Sister, exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 2015, NYC - U.S.
CityLeaks Urban Art Festival, exhibition, 2015, Cologne - Germany
Overexposed, Solo Show at Art Market Budapest, 2015, Budapest - Hungary
Overexposed, Solo Show at NOME gallery, 2015, Berlin - Germany

Selected bibliography
Louise Wolthers, WATCHED!, Catalog, English, Walther König, Sweden, 2016
Der Transparente Spion, Taz Die Tageszeitung, Newspaper, Interview, German, Germany, May 27th 2015
Überwachungsbilder, Wired, Magazine, German, Germany, 2015, Oct.
Tagesspiegel, Newspaper, Interview, German, Germany, July 2015
Origami, La Stampa, Newspaper, Interview, Italian, Italy, Mar. 10th 2016

Selected pictures of the museums installations

Selected pictures of the public interventions and artworks on canvans in full color

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