Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
2005. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

This artwork generated revenue by hacking the Google “AdSense” initiative. Bots were created to automatically click on banners of web advertising placed on a network of hidden websites. The money from the scheme could be used to buy Google’s shares and hand them over via GTTP Ltd., a firm set up for the artwork to distribute the shares to everyone and turn Google into a public company. By establishing this circular model, the project addressed Google’s monopoly over control of online information, internet advertising, and its large economy. In response, the German Google legal department sent a cease and desist letter to the artists threatening legal actions and requesting reimbursements for the money earned from the fraudulent scheme created for the project.
Co-authors: Alessandro Ludovico and ubermorgen.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
PAN, Naples; MoCA Taipei; Derivatives, Madrid; Museum CCA, Hangzhou.

Media Award, St. Gilgen International School, 2006, Graz - Austria
Honorary Mention, ibizagrafica, 2006, Ibiza - Spain
Nomination, Transmediale Award, 2006, Berlin - Germany
Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica, net Vision category, 2005, Linz - Austria
Nomination, VIPER Award, 2005, Basel - Switzerland
Commission, Rhizome, 2005, New York - U.S.

Selected shows and presentations
Meme City, exhibition at China Academy of Art, 2015, Hangzhou - China
The Enterprise of Art, exhibition at PAN Palazzo delle Arti, 2008, Naples - Italy
Economie 0, exhibition for Upgrade! and Incident, 2008, Paris - France
Territories and Resources, exhibition at CinemaCity, 2008, Novi Sad - Serbia
MIR Festival, exhibition at Akis Davis Theatre, 2008, Athens - Greece
Zone V2, exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007, Taipei - Taiwan
Free Radicals, exhibition at Israeli Center for digital Art, 2007, Holon - Israel
Connected, exhibition at Art Center Nabi, 2006, Seul - Korea
Connecting Worlds, exhibition at NTT ICC Museum, 2006, Tokyo - Japan
Connecting Worlds, exhibition at Theatre Paris-Villette, 2006, Paris - France
No-Parachute, exhibition at ArtAndGallery, 2006, Milan - Italy
Transmediale, exhibition and lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2006, Berlin - Germany
Derivatives, new art financial visions, exhibition at La Casa Encendida, 2006, Madrid - Spain
D.I.Y. Do or Die, exhibition at IAO Gallery, 2006, Oklahoma - U.S.
, exhibition at California State University, 2006, Chico - U.S.
Canarias Mediafest, exhibition, 2006, Gran Canaria - Spain
Struttura Festival, lecture, 2006, Livorno - Italy
Viper Festival, exhibition, 2006, Basel - Switzerland
Rhizome, online exhibition at New Museum, 2006, NYC - U.S.
Hybrid, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, 2005, Linz - Austria
Share Festival, exhibition at Palazzo Cavour, 2005, Turin - Italy

Google Will Eat Itself for Hacking Monopolism Trilogy at Museum China Academy of Art, Hangzhou - China

GWEI, installation at The Enterprise of Art, exhibition at PAN Palazzo delle Arti, Naples - Italy

GWEI installation at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei - Taiwan

GWEI installation at Derivatives, new art financial visions, exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid - Spain

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