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Face to Facebook - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
2011. Mixed media, dimensions variable

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Press material
- 5th Press Release on 19th Jan. 2012
- 4th Press Release on 7th Sept. 2011
- 3rd Press Release on 7th Apr. 2011
- 2nd Press Release on 10th Feb. 2011
- 1st Press Release on 2nd Feb. 2011

- Material for press coverage in HD
- Theoretical text and technical details
- Legal letters by Facebook's lawyers
- Personal reactions to the experiment
- Global Mass Media Hack Performance
- PDF Diagram of the hack, HD version

- Artwork "Hacking Monopolism Trilogy"
- Text "Anti-Social Sculptures"

- Interview for CNN online
- Interview for Artline (en) (de)
- Interview for
- Interview for Digicult (en) (it)
- Interview for NIN Serbia (en) (sr)
- Interview for TazTageszeitung (en)(de)
- Interview for Springerin (de)

Selected press coverage
- List of full worldwide press coverage by more than 1000 media
- SBS World News, Australia, 2013
- CNN, U.S., 2011
- MyFox LA, U.S., 2011
- WSBTV, Atlanta U.S, 2011
- Newsy, online TV, U.S., 2011
- Apple Daily, Hong Kong, 2011
- Ceska Televize, Czech Republic, 2011
- Tagesschau, Germany, 2011
- Canal Plus, France, 2011
- SLO RTV, Slovenia, 2011
- NDR Zapp, Germany, 2011
- Le Nouvel Observateur, 2012, France
-, interview, 2012, Switzerland
- Dazed & Confused, interview, 2011, UK
- ROOMS, interview, 2011, UK
- Taz.die, interview, 2011, Germany
- ArtNews, review, 2011, U.S.
- Libération, review, 2011, France
- xL Repubblica, review, 2011, Italy
- Springerin, interview, 2011, Austria
- Haaretz, interview, 2011, Isreal
- Politika, interview, 2011, Serbia
- NIN, interview, 2011, Serbia
- CNN, review, 2011
- Vogue, review, 2011
- MailOnLine, review, 2011
- The Indipendent, review, 2011
- Taipei Times, review, 2011
- Bankok Post, review, 2011
- NewsComAu, review, 2011
- Bild, review, 2011
- Wired, review, 2011
- PSFK, review, 2011
- FoxNews, review, 2011
- MyTv9 News, review, 2011
- DiePresse, review, 2011

This project was a social experiment consisting in stealing one million Facebook profiles, filtering them with face-recognition software and then posting 250000 of them on a custom-made dating website, sorted by their facial expression characteristics. The artistic mission was to give all these virtual identities a new shared place to expose themselves freely, breaking Facebook's constraints and boring social rules. So we established a new website ( giving them justice and granting them the possibility of soon being face to face with anybody who is attracted by their facial expression. The event was set in five days of thrilling personal, media and legal reactions, which became a global Mass Media Performance. During the performance we counted one thousand press coverages around the world, eleven lawsuit threats, five death threats, several letters from the lawyers of Facebook.
Co-author: Alessandro Ludovico.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
Public Private NYC, Artists as Catalysts Bilbao, REALITYFLOWHACKED Ljubljana,
Ars Electronica, Transmediale Berlin, ENTER5 Prague, Tetem Enschede,
Share Turin
, Impakt Utrecht

Video playlist

Award of Distinction, Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz
First Prize, Award Share Prize, Turin
Nominated New Technological Art Award, Ghent
Nominated Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart

Selected shows and presentations
Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society, exhibition at Apexart gallery, NYC - U.S.
After Transparency, Solo Show at Centre Culturel Bellegard, Toulouse - France
Big Bang Data, exhibition at CCCB Museum, Barcelona - Spain
Face to Facebook, exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery, London - UK
Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria
Photography Expanded, lecture at Aperture Gallery for Magnum Foundation, NYC - U.S.
ISEA2013, keynote lecture at Museum of Contemporary Art of Sydney - Australia
Artists as Catalysts, exhibition at Alhóndiga, Bilbao - Spain
Public Private exhibition at Kellen Gallery of The New School, New York - U.S.
ArtFutura 2012, exhibition at Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
TEA - Collective Wisdom at National Fine arts Museum in Taichung - Taiwan
7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, exhibition, Seoul - Korea
New Technological Art Award, exhibition, Bruxelles - Belgium
Loving Art. Making Art, exhibition, Tel Aviv Art Festival - Israel
From the Pharaoh Lady Gaga at Wywyższeni National Museum, Warsaw - Poland
Out of Control exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria
AntiSocial Networking exhibition at Artefact festival, Leuven - Belgium
Unlike Us lecture at Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam - Netherlands
DATA lecture at Science Gallery, Dublin - Ireland
25. Stuttgarter Filmwinter exhibition, Stuttgart - Germany
Impakt festival, exhibition & lecture, Utrecht - Netherlands
Psychoeconomy summit, lecture, Seville - Spain
Share festival, exhibition & workshop, Turin - Italy
REALITYFLOWHACKED, Solo show at Aksioma, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Ars Electronica Festival, Origin, exhibition & workshop, Linz - Austria
Rewire Conference, FACT, lecture, Liverpool - UK
Networked, Centro Fundación Telefónica, exhibition, Lima - Peru
File Festival
, exhibition, Sao Paulo - Brazil
EMAF 2011 festival, lecture, Osnabrück - Germany
Chilling Effects, Tetem, exhibition, Enschede - Netherlands
Share Conferences, presentation, Belgrade - Serbia
ENTER 5 Festival, exhibition, Prague - Czech Republic
Computational Photography, Camp Pixelache, Helsinki - Finland
Response:Ability, Transmediale, exhibition, Berlin - Germany

Selected biblography
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Enter 5°, "Datapolis" catalogue, Prague, ISBN 9788025495438
Vera Tollmann, "We want our Facebook profiles back", Springerin magazine, Austria, Issue 2/11
Bruce Sterling, "Art crosses the borders", XL magazine, Italy April 2011, Year VII, n°65
Antonio Caronia, D'Ars magazine, Italy March 2011, N°205 Anno 51°

Mixed media installation at Artists as Catalysts, 2013 exhibition at Alhóndiga, Bilbao - Spain

Mixed media installation at Public Private exhibition 2013 at Kellen Gallery of The New School, New York - U.S.

Installation at REALITYFLOWHACKED, Paolo Cirio's Solo show at Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana - Slovenia

Installation at Response:Ability, Transmediale 2011, Berlin - Germany

Installation at Ars Electronica Festival Origin, 2011, Linz - Austria

Installation at ENTER5 festival 2011, Prague - Czech Republic

Installation at Share Festival Cops & Robs, 2011, Turin - Italy

Installation at Impakt Festival, 2011, Utrecht - Holland

Installation at Chilling Effects, Tetem, Enschede - Netherlands

Installation at Out of Control, exhibition at Ars Electronica Center, Linz - Austria

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