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Drowning NYC
2010. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

This experimental fiction was about rising sea levels due to global warming and how NYC's urban populations will be impacted. The project provided inspiration on climate change justice in NYC, forewarning how rising sea levels might drive new economic and social dynamics. The fiction was told by actors and narrative devices over the Internet and in the public spaces of a few selected Manhattan neighborhoods through a socially engaged and pervasive form of fiction. The genre was theorized as Recombinant Fiction, which proposed new pedagogical instruments, innovative activist strategies, elaborate media experiments, and cutting-edge forms of theatre and cinema.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
Show-Case at Eyebeam, NYC, 2012; SummerLAB at Laboral, Spain, 2010.

Video playlist

Selected shows and presentations
Show-Case 2012, exhbition at Eyebeam, NYC - U.S.
IMAC 2011, Re-New,
lecture, Copenhagen - Denmark
Mobile Learning Conference, lecture, Bremen - Germany
File Festival, exhibition, Sao Paulo - Brazil
STRP Festival, Eindhoven - Netherlands
Mediateca Expandida Showcase, Laboral, Gjion - Spain
IDEAS 10: Art and Digital Narrative, Emily Carr University, Vancouver - Canada
EuropeanDays, Co-production forum, Turin - Italy
Electrified summercamp, TimeLab, Gent - Belgium

Selected bibliography
ISEA2011, "Uncontainable" Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Istanbul 2012, Volume 18 Issue 5, ISBN 9781906897192
Richard Schwarz, "WEAVE" magazine, Germany 2012, issue 02/12
LaToyah Gill, ROOMS magazine, UK 2011, ISSN 2046-5505, issue 6
IMAC2011, "Interactive Media Arts Conference, Re-new", Denmark, ISBN 9788771120370
B. Weil, B. Gottlieb, "New Narratives of Mobility", Mediateca Expandida, Gjion, ISSN 1889-965X

Installation at SummerLAB Show-Case at Eyebeam, NYC, 2012.

Pictures installation at SummerLAB Show-Case at Laboral, Spain. 2010.

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