Selected Works

Obscurity  Archival inkjet prints and mixed media - 2016

Over ten million appropriated mug-shots and criminal records obfuscated for a social experiment and an Internet privacy policy.

Overexposed - HD Stencils  Acrylic spray paint on paper, canvas, and photo paper - 2015

Appropriated social media photos of U.S. intelligence officials posted to public walls.

Daily Paywall Newsprints and plastic newsrack, dimensions variable - 2014

Appropriated Pay-per-view articles from major financial newspapers were redistributed with a paid-to-read schema.

Global Direct Mixed Media. 2014

Outlining the idea of worldwide democracy through a creative political philosophy.

(W)orld Currency Two digital prints. 2014

Creating an equation and a trading algorithm for a global currency.

Loophole for All Two video channels and digital prints, US letter size. 2013

Corporate identity theft of over 200.000 Cayman Islands companies to democratize legal and tax corporate shields.

Persecuting US Mixed media and Audio installation, 2000 hour long track. 2012

One million appropriated Twitter users profiled by political affiliations during the U.S. presidential election.

Street Ghosts Inkjet print on coated paper. 2012

Appropriated photos of people from Google Street View printed and posted at the exact spots where they were taken.

Face to Facebook - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy Mixed media. 2011

One million appropriated Facebook users profiled by facial expressions for a dating website.

P2P Gift Credit Card - Gift Finance Digital print, plastic card embossed. 2010

Illicit VISA credit cards issued with counterfeit money created through a conceptual monetary system.

Drowning NYC - Recombinant Fiction Mixed media. 2010

Injected fictions into the reality of NYC neighborhoods brought attention to rising sea levels.

The Big Plot - Recombinant Fiction Mixed media. 2009

Injected fictional personas on social media for a drama around the identity of a real Russian spy.

Open Society Structures - Algorithms Triptych Serigraph print on Plexiglass. 2009

Ideal social structures and values drew through a triptych of algorithms.

Check Check Reality Mixed media. 2007

Debunking airport security measures as worst-case scenarios playing on people's fears.

People Quote People - The Death of the Author 2.0 Engraved white marble. 2007

Misquoting historic personalities to address plagiarism and the notion of authorship over the Internet.

Amazon Noir - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy Mixed media. 2006

Appropriated digital books from and redistributed for free for a crime story.

Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy Mixed media. 2005

Money from Google through click fraud to buy its own shares and hand them to the public.

Post Brands Digital prints. 2004

Illegal street art happenings and artworks through interventions in public space.

Anti-NATO Day - Participatory Cyber Attacks - Online project. 2006-2001

Internet attacks against NATO and antimilitarism online publishing.

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