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Paolo Cirio - Conceptual Artist
Street Ghosts at the International Kunstverein Luxembourg with a Public Art Solo Show in mid Oct. 2016 to mid Jan. 2017
Solo Show at the NOME Gallery in NYC with Internet Photography artworks in Agu. 2016
Recent Events and Exhibitions
- Exhibition at Central Library Amsterdam, Data Aesthetics with Overexposed from Oct. 15th
- Exhibition at the Kunstverein Neuhausen in Stuttgart with Loophole for All from Oct. 15th
- Solo Show at the International Kunstverein Luxembourg with Street Ghosts from Oct. 15th
- Exhibition at Palazzo Esposizioni Rome for Quadriennale with Overexposed from Oct. 13th
- Exhibition at Eastern Bloc festival in Montreal in Canada with Daily Paywall from 28th Sept.
- Exhibition at Wave Pool gallery in Cincinnati in Ohio U.S. with Street Ghosts from 17 Sept.
- Exhibition at AEC Museum in Linz in Austria with three artworks from 8th Sept. 2016 to 2018
- Solo show at NOME gallery in NYC with recent Internet Photography artworks from Jul-Aug
Highlighted Recent Press Coverage
Highlighted Exhibitions
Obscurity, Overexposed, Street Ghost at the Private, solo show by Paolo Cirio, NOME gallery production 2016. in Aug. 2016
Overexposed at the Exhibition at International Center of Photography Museum in NYC - U.S. Public, Private, Secret in July 2016
Loophole for All at the Exhibition at House of Electronic Arts in Basel - Switzerland Poetics and Politics of Data in June 2015
Hacking Monopolism Trilogy at the Exhibition at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou - China in December 2015
Overexposed at the Paolo Cirio's Solo Show at NOME Gallery in Berlin - Germany in May 2015
Street Ghosts at the Exhibition at Open Society Foundation in NYC - U.S. Watching You, Watching Me in 2014

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